Beauty13 skincare favorites for winter weather – Modern Mrs...

13 skincare favorites for winter weather – Modern Mrs Darcy


Nothing makes me pay more attention to my skin than the winter weather. When the moisture starts to drop, my skin feels it right away. Once it starts to get legitimate cool, it’s time to get to my more moisturizing products and adjust the rest.

I owe half of my grooming routine to friends who give great gifts. If you’re the one giving, know this is such a great gift option! I love when I can surprise a friend with a product that I’m sure they will like that maybe they have not discovered yet, or it might be a little disrespectful to them. (Note to gift givers: Remember your friend’s skin characteristics, for example, if they have sensitive skin, or need to avoid certain ingredients, before giving them something new to try). Who continues to give – my favorite kind.

At this point in my life I have a pretty solid idea of ​​what I like and what not in skin care products, and what works and what does not work on my skin. If you’re still experimenting – or if you just like to sample a variety of products at a good price – I recommend trying a skin care or beauty / beauty subscription. I especially enjoyed it BeautyFIX subscription from Dermstore and The Allure beauty box. Both are also great gifts for adults or teens.

I share below my winter care products, specially selected for my sensitive and dry skin at this time of year.

makeup remover. I used Clinique Cleansing Balm Take your day off For years.

Face wash. My face gets along best with something delicate, like An alchemist has grown or Love the Pacific (Which also have wonderful scents – another thing I really appreciate about the product for everyday use). They are expensive but I just use a tiny drip and a full size bottle holds for more than a year. It’s worth it to me.

Vitamin C Serum A more recent addition to my grooming routine. I use Sunday Riley, But pushed me to try That stupidity. I use it in the morning.

Moisturizer for the face. I have a variety of moisturizers that I keep in a round, but my favorite is Wedela Skin Food. (For lighter moisture, like in summer, I use something like Glossier Priming Moisturizer.) I give moisture morning and night (even in summer).

Sunscreen. It is important to use sunscreen all year round. (How I wish twenty-year-old Shan knew this!) I use both on a regular basis: Supergoop Unseen sunscreen (Over makeup) and Elta MD Clear sunscreen (Under makeup).

Lip scrubbing. A friend gave me this wonderful French Girl Rose Lip. (Professional tip: I kept forgetting to use it – until I stuck it in the shower next to my face wash.) I use it every two days or so.

Body Wash. A friend gave it to me Glossy Body Hero Wash Daily Oil Earlier this year and since then I have happily used it every day. The scent reminds me of the rose-shaped soaps my grandmother kept in her bathroom for years. I love the feel of it and also my dry and felt skin loves it.

OUAI scalp and body scrub. This is an essential item in my winter survival kit. If the dry winter is severe on your scalp and skin, pay attention.

Hand Cream. Experienced and true classics: Norwegian Neutrogena Formula. I keep it in my wallet and use it several times a day.

Heavy moisturizer. For serious winter humidity, I love Wedela Skin Food Body Butter, Which I use all over my body, and also lightly on the face.

Aquaphor. I’m not sure what we would have done without this healing ointment. Several family members hold bathtubs on the nightstand during the winter months for a thick application on the hands and any other dry and annoying place before bed.

Augustine in the rich cream maple. I received a bottle of this in a holiday gift box. It’s amazing, and also incredibly expensive. Not sure if I will buy a filler but if anyone has a similar product they like I would love to hear!

Masks. I adore the smell of Enzyme Exfoliating Mask for Amore Pacific Treatment; I find it so relaxing.

I would love to hear about your favorite skin care. Tell us in the comments?

PS 10 Beauty Favorites I use (almost) every day.

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