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5 Tips For Traveling Through South America On A Budget


If you are traveling in South America on a low budget, there is a lot you can do to save money without compromising on great recreation. In fact, in many cases, you will have a more authentic and genuine experience and will see more of the “real South America” ​​when you travel with limited funds.

Caravan in Cordiliera Huayhuash, Peru, South America

The key to saving money when you travel anywhere is to reduce the luxuryThat is, make as many independent trips as possible and avoid parties too much. Only with these three simple tips alone, can you ensure you have more money in your pocket, which can be a longer trip and get more out of your trip than you ever imagined possible.

Read on to learn how you can save more money when traveling across South America.

How To Save Money While Traveling In South America

# 1 Avoid renting equipment

Take your walking shoes wherever possible instead of asking others.

Image provided by Alan Caliber

If you know you’re going to do a lot of hiking, then bring your own Hiking shoes Instead of renting them instead. If you are going to surf, take your gear instead of paying for it by the hour at the beach. Having everything you need for the activities you want to take part in is a great way to save money and also ensure you have reliable equipment for everything you plan to do.

There are many benefits to bringing your own equipment. First, tour operators are looking to make money while they can, and you may come to find exorbitant commissions that will eat up your holiday budget.

Second, when you talk about wearable items like boots and wetsuits, you are purchasing your own items that fit perfectly. Second hand items will most likely not fit you perfectly and may cause rubbing and other unpleasant business.

Third, you know you’re taking care of your equipment. Will you receive the same promises that the equipment you rent is also taken care of and maintained?

And finally, you have your own style. Rental equipment can be flashy or just a bad fit for your looks and personality. Be comfortable in your shoes and take as much equipment as you can afford to carry with your airline – and you can carry it easily.

# 2 Take public transportation

Death Railway, Kanchanaburi, Thailand, Kwai River, Hellfire Pass, Travel, Travel, Addict Books

A view from the train traveling along the death train in Thailand

When it’s safe to do so, be sure to take public transportation wherever you can. Riding the chicken bus will not only save you a fortune compared to renting a private car, but it is also an experience in itself. Ask around at your hostel for tips on which bus lines to take to local attractions and Save yourself a fortune About taxis and private car rental.

There are many things to consider when renting a car in a different culture. First, you will need an international driver’s license which is extra time and money you may not have. So there are cultural differences, for example, did you know that most car rental operators in South America will not allow you to take your car out of the country? It hinders your travel plans.

Roads in South America are different from Australia and there is no guarantee that there will be sealed roads available in a direct line between destinations. You do not want to get stuck in a swamp area with a rental car. Local tour operators know the land, road and conditions and will bring you to a place where you should be in much less hustle and bustle.

# 3 Eat local food

Bangkok, Street Food, Thailand, Food, Stalls, Food, Market, Food, Street, Thai, Travelers Books

A typical food stand on the streets of Bangkok

Getting to all the backpacker and tourist restaurants wherever you go is a great way to put a big hole in your budget. Skip Abu on toast for breakfast and order what the local specialty is instead. Look for restaurants that are busy with locals to find the best food and enjoy some of the culinary delights that South America has to offer.

When you are looking for a low-budget local Latin flavor, there are many cheap and tasty options available including:

  • Patty: Baked (or mostly fried) pastry stuffed with meat, cheese, spinach or a combination of vegetables.
  • breaded: Very similar to the classic schnitzels you will find in Australia.
  • sausage: Chileans are very serious about their sausages. Most often, they serve The Complete, which consists of a long bun with a Frankfurter-like sausage and stuffed in avocado puree with mayonnaise and ketchup.
  • Fish: Because many countries are coastal, they are proficient in preparing amazing fish meals including options like swordfish at a very user-friendly price.

When in doubt, you will find all kinds of local food at great prices in a place where street vendors like to gather and in the markets.

# 4 Do not celebrate too much

There is nothing wrong with going out occasionally to experience the local nightlife and meet up with your fellow travelers. However, if a large percentage of your budget is spent on beers and cocktails, it may be time to curb it.

This is one area that many travelers spend and pamper too much, and it can adversely affect your trip in general, as you will be too tired or too hung up to really enjoy the magic you are in.

Wildlife in the Amazon rainforest, including endangered frogs that can only be found in this part of the world.

Image provided by Sebastian Di Domenico

Besides, you can drink as you please at home. A visit to South America is an opportunity to explore rich cultural and historical lands and experience completely new things on a budget such as:

  • An unparalleled rainforest experience in the Amazon
  • Hike for the W at Torres del Paine National Park in Chile
  • Riding horses with the Gauchos in Argentina
  • Excursion to El Chalten
  • Camping between the glaciers in Patagonia
  • Take the most dangerous road in the world (if you dare) and much more.
El Chalten, Argentina, South America, a range of excursions worth exploring.

El Chalten, Argentina. Image provided by Claudio Bryantos

# 5 Avoid taking tours

While it is not always possible to avoid tours, but when you have a choice, try to find a way to do the trip yourself. Lots of tours At a very exorbitant price And in addition to the price of the tour itself you can be sure that they will bring you to the souvenir shops, the most expensive restaurants and you will be asked for a tip at the end of the trip.

Aside from the fact that you pay much higher prices with tour groups, you are also hurting the local economy. Tourism in South America is plagued by high levels of foreign dependence, foreign influence on local resources, and insufficient positive impacts beyond the tourist enclaves. Rising economic inequality, volatile profits and environmental deterioration are also problems.

Get out of the tourist traps and support local vendors. You will pay much less, you will get a much more real experience and your tourist dollars will be transferred to the people who really need it, not the same cluster of tour operators.

Do your best to travel as independently as you can, as often as you can, to get the most out of the funds available to you.

# 6 Reduce your spending and improve your enjoyment

When traveling for an extended period of time, it is important to stretch your money As much as you can. Following the tips above, you can significantly reduce your expenses without compromising on your overall experience. With more money in your pocket, you can visit more places, have more experiences and ensure you get the most out of your trip.

A promenade in South America? What top tips would you share with others regarding budget planning?

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