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title: Court of Silver Flames (Yard of thorns and roses, No. 4)
author: Sarah J. Mas
release date: February 16, 2021
rating: 3/5 stars

“I’m the rock on which the surf crashes.” Nesta straightened up to the words, as if they were a prayer and a summons. Gwyn picked up the blade. “Nothing can break me.”

Oh yes. It’s finally time to review this book laundering.

Was I excited to read this book? Yes.

Am I excited to review this book? No.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into my thoughts.

I thought the way the inner circle treated Nesta at first was unforgivable and awful. They knew there was definitely something wrong, but they kept getting rude and breaking it. I’m especially disappointed with Amran and Rice, both of whom I would think would understand more about Nesta’s trauma.

I found the writing a bit stingy. Maybe it’s just because I’ve not read an SJM book in a long time or because I may have overcome her writing in the last few months, but this writing was not worth the SJM writing I have known and loved in the past.

There was no real solid plot line to follow. This is a book that focuses on the character and not the story. I didn’t really care about the story that took place in the background and the climax of the story felt flat. I’m sure the story of the Human Queen was interesting, but while reading, all I really cared about was Nesta and Cass.

Yes, the plot line was weak but the character growth?

SJM does best when it has to convince its readers to love a character. ACOSF feels very much the same as The heir to the fire and A court of fog and rage. We get to know Nesta better and the more I read her point of view, the more I read about how her brain works, the more I identified with her. She went through so much and her way of dealing with her trauma was a way that made many uncomfortable.

But this is what grief is when it is not romantic. I’m glad Nesta has found her way out of this dark place and I’m glad she has someone like Cassian by her side.

I loved seeing Pierre as a side character. We were all so used to seeing everything from her point of view, this book was a breath of fresh air. She is so lovely and tried to help Nesta as much as she could. Rhys, on the other hand, annoyed me a lot. He was incredibly rude to Nesta and was not helpful at all. Rhys from Feyre’s point of view is perfect; Rice from Nesta’s point of view? Not so perfect.

I think that means a lot.

Also, was I hoping for a little more variety in this book? Yes, we have 2 new characters, but I felt we could have achieved so much more. This book could have opened up the world a little more, introduced more people and cultures, but it did not. This world felt quite small and limited.

that’s it!

It hurts my heart to say bad things about a book I loved, but it does not help to see only the good and ignore the bad.

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Until we meet again!
Xx Alexia



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