a guide toA Guide to Basic Bookstagram Slang – Right Writing...

A Guide to Basic Bookstagram Slang – Right Writing Words


We were all there.

You happily read a review of a book you are interested in, and then suddenly you come across a word you have never seen.

So I made this list especially for you!

Let’s move on to slang!

TBR: To be called. This usually refers to the list / stack of books that people still need to read. (These lists tend to be endless!)

Rainbow: Advanced reader copy. This is a digital / physical copy of a gifted book for readers to read and review before the book’s release date. Some of the most popular sites to find ARCs include Netgalley, Edelweiss or Booksirens!

DNF: Not finished. Readers usually use it when they give up a book and decide not to finish it, because it is not fun for them. Some people DNF a lot, some people rarely give up a book, it depends on the reader!

RTC: Review to come. Readers usually say this when they finish the book and their review has not yet arrived.

ship: When you send two people, it means you think they should be together romantically. There are a lot of ships out there that do not exist in the actual books!

YA / MG / NA: Young adults, middle class, new adults. These are some of the different age groups that the books are for.

Tour book: A promotional event held to expose a book to readers.

WIP: Work in progress. A manuscript that an author is currently working on.

MC: Main character. The protagonist / s of the story.

that’s it!

I hope you learned something new today! Use your new knowledge and enjoy reading! ❤

Until we meet again

Xx Alexia



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