For the KidsA new baby for the family

A new baby for the family


How a family grew up

This is a photo essay that explains copying to kids. This family is expecting a baby and there is a narrative of how this family explains the imminent birth to siblings. We introduced another one of Arthur ShayThe books of nursing. This book also followed a similar format of tracking a particular group of students as they passed through a nursing school. They are not particularly bad, just outdated.

The first picture below almost made me take a double photo. I thought it was some weird ice sculpture, and then I read the caption about a field trip. I guess the trip was to a science museum and not some weird cocktail party.

Be sure to take a look at the other pictures and text. Unmarried women who need to deliver their baby to an orphanage and a selection of babies available for adoption. Notice the sad mother saying goodbye to her baby.

Again, the book was probably quite extreme for the period (especially as a children’s book). The preparatory discussion on sex, contraception and the photo from the delivery room precedes this book. Not 50 years ahead, but forward.




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