1960sA True Story Of Murder, Survival, and Bringing Down...

A True Story Of Murder, Survival, and Bringing Down the Chicago Mob • WildBlue Press


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Enter Chicago during the 1960s and 1970s, where mobsters influenced everyone, from strip club owners to Teamsters, chairmen, judges, and local police. It is a world where good people are corrupted by the irresistible temptation of money and power, and families are shattered by lies, violence and tragedy.

Danny Seifert, a street-wise and ambitious young man, follows in his father’s footsteps in his efforts to provide a good and comfortable life for his wife and children. Soon his path leads him to the dark heart of the crowd. His career choices ultimately bring him to the point where he has to choose between loyalty to the mob and a reasonable jail time, or come clean to the FBI, testify against the mob leaders and risk retaliation for himself and his family. He chooses the latter, which ultimately leads to his murder and decades of life in fear for his widow, mother, and their children.

Growing up as men, the sons of Danny, Joe and Nick, take it upon themselves to find the man responsible for their father’s death and make him pay. Do they want to retaliate against Danny, will they also succumb to a life of crime, or will they walk the high path of law and justice until the Family Secrets Trial in 2007, one of the greatest mob trials in history?

Discover b Deadly partners, A poignant and personal investigative story about the life of one family inside and outside the Chicago crowd.

From the book:

Everyone has a dark side. A side that leans toward power and the fast lane, and causes a person to seek entry into a world that exists invisibly to the everyday side; A world that average people see in their TVs and movies, news and newspapers, but never experience. While most people will never touch it, even more do not realize how close it is to everyday life.

Chicago has always been the cradle of this parallel world. Corruption, violence, exchange and mob saddles seemed, at times, business as usual for the other city. Chicago, known for its hard-working family, is also a city with a history of hard-working criminals. Empires were built and destroyed around the intersection of power, corruption and politics long before Capone asked to rule its streets in the early 1920s.God’ century. But as Chicago grew older, so did its criminals and activities.

By the 1930s, Capone’s control of the city had grown to unprecedented levels, and its corrupting influence was lurking beneath all aspects of everyday society. Through this control, he reaped enormous rewards of wealth, power and influence, and established an unstoppable syndicate that controlled the development of deadly criminal minds; Some are still going on to this day. And in the early 1970s Chicago, Danny and Emma Seifert found themselves immersed in this underworld; Linked to mobsters with a direct lineage to Capone. Like many others, they found that they could not escape his dangerous attraction.

September 27, 1974 began a seemingly normal fall in the Chicago suburbs for the Cypert couple. About a year earlier, they had opened their own fiberglass company, Plasti-Matic Products, in Bensnville, Illinois. They lived comfortably in a modest townhouse just minutes from their business in the shadow of O’Hare International Airport. On the surface, there was little hint of differences between their family and the typical middle-class neighbors who surrounded them. Her mother, in her mid-20s, was attractive and intelligent. She dressed fashionably in the 70s and her blonde hair was always neatly styled. Danny, on the other hand, was more of a riddle. He was 29, arrogant and tough. He wore a goatee beard and had dark hair in a hipster style combed back, which made him look somehow out of place at the time. But his eyes hinted at the truth. They were calculated, intense, and echoed the soul of a man whose drive for success went beyond the point of possession. For Danny, this urge has reached a level of destructiveness.



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