Book ListAll the Spooky Scary Reads

All the Spooky Scary Reads


Welcome to the Cybils Book Lists for 2021! Instead of individual reviews this year, we are going to pick a topic and highlight as much as we can in one post. Since today is Halloween, what better topic to start with than scary and scary books? Ghosts, vampires, monsters, witches … some are scary, some are charming. Our publication of graphic novels, thorough / intermediate speculative literature and speculative literature for young people. When there are reviews from our panel members / judges, we approached them.

have fun!

at him! Come, la, la, la
By Sandra Boynton
Little eSimon

Garlic and the vampire
By Barry Paulson
Stingray books

Ham Helsing # 1: Vampire Hunter
By Rich Moire
Crown books for young readers

The action is animated, the dialogue is fun and witty, and there are robotic knights, blindfolds, a toddler werewolf and animated bacon. What more could you ask for from a graphic novel? – Rosemary Killaditis, Mom read it

The damn vampire
By Madeline McGreen
Wooden pen books

It’s sweet, it’s silly, it’s interesting, it’s well told, the paintings are lovely, and I loved every moment of reading it. – Melissa Fox, Walnut book

Delicate (2) (sheets)
By Berna Thomler
Uni Peres

By Miriam Bonster Tor
Clarion Books

Illustrated in manga style, it’s going to be big with middle school and middle school students. They are manga lovers, and finding graphic novels that incorporate manga artwork is a great way to get them to stretch their reading areas and introduce them to new titles. – Rosemary Killaditis, Mom read it

The jewel near
By Cullen Ban, illustrated by Kat Paris

Ghost Centaur Mars
By Mat Heagerty, illustrated by Steph Meidad
Uni Peres

Louis is about to finish high school, having known this city all her life and can not imagine anything else. I remember feeling like her when I graduated from high school. Louis is a realistic character who does not have to be superhuman to save her city. – an w, Ann’s reviews

Bridge of Souls (City of Spirits No. 3)
By V. E Schwab

Eva Evergreen and the Cursed Witch
By Julie Abe
Small, brown books for young readers

Ghost Girl
By Eli Melinenko
Catherine v. Books

I was so willing to read something a little scary and Ghost Girl hit all the right characters. It’s a very atmospheric kind of scary, with the dark forest, the mysterious mist enveloping, the cemetery and of course the dark stormy night. Not to mention the scary dogs and ghosts that appear to Zi. Yes all the elements for scary. – Brenda, Wooden cabin library

The spirits of character
By Justina Ireland
Belzer + Bray

It was such a great story! I was drawn right from the start, and found myself thinking often between reading sessions. – Katie K, Mother Library

Collectors (Fear Clock # 2)
By Lorian Lawrence
Harry Ann Abrams

The hungry wind
By HS Norup

Rockhaven’s Monsters
By Patrick Kenny
Henry Holt & Co.

Family, friendships, removing barriers of pain, hurt, fear and mistrust between people are all topics of this book. Pips makes a great monster, with his true scary nature not recognized by most people, a concept I really like. And Linora Troy,

What lives in the forest
By Lindsay Corey
Source books are young readers

A dark, starless forest
By Sarah Holwell
HMH books for young readers

Burning of an evil witch
By Jessica Lewis
Delacorte Press Books for Young Readers

By Iana Gray
GP Putnam boys’ books for young readers

What big teeth
By Rose Sabo
Farr, Strauss and Giro

White smoke
By Tiffany D. Jackson
Catherine v. Books

Gold-soaked witches
By Smart Filtering



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