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A release tour for an insatiable event by TK Cherry

Amy longs for Devin at night, but he is the enemy. Both are not looking for love, but the two are unexpectedly suitable in a kinky connection app. What should be some unrelated fun, can become something more. Readers who enjoy humorous and sexy reading with thrilling moments will love an insatiable event by TK Cherry, Enemy for lovers, erotic romance.



As a nurse I swore an oath to help, not to harm, something I take very seriously. However, I would make an exception for Holt. My cousin’s treacherous ex is a humble human being, a complete waste of oxygen.

His brother is … another matter.

One look at Devin and I fighting the urge to lose my inhibitions and my panties. I know it’s crazy. However, I can not help but wonder if a little fun regardless may be exactly what the doctor ordered …


I know I’m not Amy’s type, and not just because of her deep disgust for my brother. She is willing to go with me foot to foot, and I am drawn without resistance to her fiery demeanor.

Then, to my utter astonishment, we fit in a kinky connection app.

Could it be that the tense nurse has a strange flag she’s looking to wave? I love all the dirty fun she wants … as long as she does not expect the ring at the end.

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Copyright 2021 @TK Cherry

“Look, Amy …”

Hell, no. Is it about to end our relationship?

“- I do not know what’s going on between us, but it seems to be getting out of hand.”

I overcame resentment. “Getting out of control for whom? You?”

“Be honest with me, Brooks. Did you sign up for it when you first downloaded the RendezOooh app? It’s definitely not what I signed up for.”

“No, Devin, it was not …”

“Between the weird vibes and the random texts -“

“Strange vibrations?”

What the hell are you talking about, Holt ?!

My blood is boiling, and I’m going crazy.

“We came to this thing just for the sake of sex, and now it’s become something else. And to be honest, I can not deal with any complications right now. Again, that’s not what I signed up for. We’re out of bounds.”

As the tough woman I claim to be, I can only stay strong for so long. Contrary to my wishes a tear flows from the corner of the eye.

“You’re right – we’re not supposed to spend the night. We did not sign up for it,” I admit.

“What if we move away from each other to stifle the strange atmosphere? Maybe we can connect once a month, or even once a quarter.”

He must be laughing.

Hear it, Amy …

I consider his suggestion, knowing in my mind that this is the right thing to do. I have no right to be angry because that’s what I signed up for. The thing intended for sex only was the parameter we set from the beginning. We downloaded RendezOooh because we wanted a straight sex partner.

We were not looking for love.

Instead, we wrapped each other so much that we created a monster.

There’s no way in hell we can put this thing back in the cage. It has already come out and wreaking havoc on our hearts. Well … at least mine, anyway.

I have to unplug it completely. There is no other way around this.

“I can not do once a month or once a quarter,” I tell him.

“How about once every three weeks?”

“No, Devin – I can not do this anymore,” I say in a shaky voice. “Not with you, anyway. There’s no way I can continue to deny how I feel about you. I have to accept everything or nothing.”

There – I said it.

I have feelings for you, Devin.

“What are you asking for – a relationship?”

The disgust in his voice makes me want to return the words.

but I can not.

“I – I do not know what I’m asking,” I stammer.

“I can not give it to you, Amy … you know it.”

“I know. And that’s why I let you go.”

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About TK Cherry

You can get the girl out of Detroit, but you’ll never get Detroit out of that girl.
For TK Cherry, it’s pop – not soda, and Tim Hortons on top of everything else.
Born and raised in Motor City, TK now enjoys few or no winters in Carolina. By day, she announces in a spreadsheet and is a constant traveler. At night she lives on as her loyal readers stand on the edge of their seats with steamy stories of wealth.

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