“Do you trust me?”
“with my life.”

We do love a man in uniform and when they come hot like Dax Harder, even more so. We have had this book on our varicose veins for a long time and we could have kicked ourselves that we had not picked it up before. However, we like to find hidden gems on our varicose veins. And that’s exactly what we found here. Our reading mood was looking for an easy-to-read romance with a little anxiety, humor, warmth and passion. The arrogant officer turned out to have everything. We highly recommend this rom-com, which has proven to be so much more than that! With great chemistry, funny observation, heartbreaking moments as well as explosive moments, the arrogant officer covered all the basics. We fell in love not only with Berry and Dax but with the entire cast. Every character was considered and it made for such a great read, by Jenin Colette and Lauren Rono!

‘I do not know what exactly happened between us, but I do know that I am completely devastated for any other man for the rest of my life.’

The way Berry meets Dex made us laugh out loud, since we ourselves received one of those emails of sex torture, we must admit we deleted them from our inbox immediately instead of rushing to the police station at our night time. But if he had seen us by Dax stunning, we would have been down there too …*Play on words*. This first meeting began a romantic journey that immediately connected us to the journey. The connection between the two was noticeable as well as believable, and it was funny at times. It did not come without his drama and high emotion, but it stems from the fact that Dex has a steel shield placed every time he mentions that there are things he just can not control, which is second nature to him. His childhood is tainted by a tragedy from which Dax still carries open scars that simply will not freeze. Well, we all know that love can be the best cure, and the wonderful and considerate Berry shows him just that. The arrogant officer had a real heart, with poignant moments of family, loyalty, friendship and love. It made us laugh out loud one minute, our heart ached the next minute. And the heat…. flickering! This is definitely a book worth adding to your reading lists!

“Never be ashamed to tell a man how he makes you feel. Good or bad, he needs to know.”



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