author anthony avinaBabouc’s Vision by Glenn Searfoss Review

Babouc’s Vision by Glenn Searfoss Review


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are mine.

A home remodeler finds himself stunned when the gods choose him to be the one to condemn his townspeople, and when the lives of several others flood his mind, he must prove the lives of the people worthy of saving instead in author Glenn Syrup’s book, “Babouc’s.” vision”.

The summary

Babouc’s Vision is a fascinating dystopian science fiction novel with a thought-provoking interpretation of society.

The year is 2041- and the gods are angry. While Carissa scans the garbage in town to find food and beautiful things to show to her grandfather, Tom and April strive to prove themselves genetically matched to conceive a child. Lewis becomes a man who fights to protect his unborn son from the gangs. Nora is sitting alone in her dark apartment, old, tired and ready to die. And Izzy, how did he land on the streets lacking everything? In the back room of his appliance repair shop, Earl sets up his desk without knowing that the gods chose him to condemn the CynCity people. Earl’s world is turned upside down when his brain explodes with the lives of strangers. He’s struggling to stay sane, he must somehow prove that the city’s population deserves to survive.

The works of Walter (The World As It Is) and Dante (The Divine Comedy) were the inspiration for this book. Also, many incidents at work reflect newspaper reports of criminal, social, environmental and scientific incidents occurring around the world. The bleak nature of these reports explains the overall dystopian feeling of the book, while the hope buried in the stories is taken from human perseverance.

The review

The author has found such an amazing balance between world-building and thought-provoking topics. So fascinating to read the investigation of the worst aspects of humanity and how the people in one city are aligned against these sins. The detailed way the author approached reading this dystopian science fiction was amazing, and so was the overall narrative, which did a great job of playing the themes and genres of this novel with glorious futuristic definitions and great characters from life.

The characters were the real heart of this narrative. The huge variety of really different characters has brought to life this sad and cruel reality so perfectly, whether by adding to the chaos or by making them a victim of this chaos themselves. However, the way the author put out small fireworks of hope along the narrative to show how there are those in the dark to fight for a brighter tomorrow, was amazing to read.


Creative, engaging and thoughtful in his approach, writer Glenn Sirpus’ “The Vision of Babuk” is a dystopian science-fiction thriller that must be read. A philosophical and introspective look at the mistakes and sins that humanity makes too often, and whoever works to fight for change for the future, this novel shines and does an amazing job of exploring the depths of humanity in an amusing way. If you have not already done so, be sure to pick up your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

About the writer

Glenn Cyrus is an American author of works in science fiction, mythology, computer science and natural history. He lives in Colorado, USA with his wife.



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