Beth Legacy of Love Beth Legacy of Love by Jeffery Young

 Beth Legacy of Love by Jeffery Young


By Jeffrey Young

The year is 1976 and oh, what a year that was. This is a novel by Jeffrey Young, who wrote an adult novel for young people Adults. ‘Legacy of Love’ is the story of a high school adult, a first cheerleader who just wants to do the right thing. She’s a person who has a lot of friends and enemies, or so she thinks. There are many situations that affect the decisions she and her friends have to make. The decisions of Shabbat, her cheering colleagues and even a baseball team have related needs and decisions that need to be made.

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‘Beth A Legacy of Love’ is a novel for young adults that will make a great discussion group read to discuss gossip and how it affects everyone in one way or another, for better or worse. Other topics could be how the parents in this novel deal by chance with the various life events dealing with health and illness. A question that may arise while reading and after reading the book could be ‘How could a daughter’ deal with the choices she made in another way? ‘ Are they ‘friends’ or could they help her / them make decisions about what is going on in their whole lives in one way or another. ‘Bat’ Heritage of Love ‘is a good novel that can also be used as a text for writing a novel that involves teenagers and their parents in a way that is not’ read ‘like an old’ lunch special ‘.

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The Fulton Books
ISBN: 978-1-64952-719-6 (Paperback)
382 pages


Adolescence in the late 70s was a life of polyester dresses, bell panties and fake IDs. Kids experimented with marijuana, sex and cocaine, which seemed to be waiting outside like the Door Award on their eighteenth birthday. Disco was not a myth, and Barry Meniluz Copacabana was a hit. Seeing young women in clubs in pretty dresses and clean boys with styled hair was a pleasant change from the hippie generation. As Neil Sedka would later write, they had a groove, they had a feeling! The perfect cloister inside the high school bubble protected an ambitious generation from the heartache of reality. Then death hit the house without warning, and the youth shattered, leaving an empty shell. Just as the spider devours the butterfly and leaves only beautiful wings, so the meningitis in the spine leaves a little girl who has fallen. As life goes on in nature, so good and love survive the human heart. Marjorie learned she needed Jesus.

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