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Blog Tour Review: Forever with the Trucker (The Forever Collection #5) by Allie York


Running away from her parents, Eden jumps into Ace’s truck to find her sister. A simple trip is an undeniable attraction between the two. Can they navigate their attraction, or will the trip on the road take a bad turn? Readers who love Frankie Love and Kat Baxter will love Eli York’s Forever with the Trucker, Age Gap, Instant Romance, Blue Collar.

I got this book for free from Indie Pen PR in exchange for an honest review. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review: Forever with the Trucker (The Forever Collection # 5) by Eli YorkWin with the truck By Eli York
series: Forever Collection # 5
October 29, 2021
Genres: Contemporary adult romance
Pages: 75
source: Indie Pen PR
format: Electronic glia
My rating: Four stars
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Escape is hard, but falling into ace is too easy.

Running away from her parents and the future of an orderly marriage, Eden finds herself face to face with Ace Walland.
Sexy, mature and in the right place at the right time, Eden finds herself jumping into Ace’s truck to find her sister.
With Forever in their future, Ace and Eden find themselves unable to deny the attraction between them.

It may have started with a road trip, but navigating their attraction is not as easy as it seems.

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Copyright 2021 @ Eli York

“Hey sweetie?” God his voice is sexy; Like any romance hero I’ve ever read about in one person. He also looks like one. “Eden?”
“Not your sweetheart,” I mumble, flipping towards him.
“Yeah I know.” Does he sound disappointed? Or am I really tired? “Our five-hour trip has been extended until this accident becomes clear.”
I roll back. “OK.” Then I realize I was in front of him face to face which means he is not driving. He has a half crooked smile on his face, it’s … wow. Ace is bent so that our noses are barely three inches apart. “We are not moving.”
“No.” Ace bounces the ‘p’ and gives me a look of pity.
“It’s okay. I do not even know what I’ll say to my sister when I get there.” I sit down and a big hand comes out to stop me. I blink and realize I almost hit my head on the top bunk. “I guess I haven’t woken up yet. Thank you.”
“I ended up getting a lot of goose eggs because of that bunk.” Ace laughs and I faint. Like I’m literally making a faint sound. He smiles at me, and I roll my eyes. I can feel how red my face is and be careful not to look at it. “Your burger is up here.”
“Did you bring me a hamburger?” My stomach growls.
“I thought you would feel better and be hungry after a nap.” He returns to the driver’s seat, folding his long legs to get up there. I push and pick up my hamburger before I sit down. There are red taillights as far as I can see. big. “Now, I need to know you did not steal this car. I also need to know that you are not sixteen or something.”
My burger is halfway to my mouth, but I stop to answer it. “In a few days I will be twenty.” Ace shakes his head and rubs his bearded jaw. “Is there something wrong with that? I’m not sixteen, you’re not a poor minor.” I take a bite of the burger. It’s not hot anymore, but I’m hungry, so I really do not care.
“Am I escaping shelter?” Ace watches me chew the hamburger.
I shake my head. “I’ve been driving this car since I was sixteen. It’s always been my car, but my parents own it. I think they want me back more than they want the car. They can buy a new car, I’m the last daughter they can marry.” . As soon as I say the words, I cover my mouth. I did not mean to say so much.
“marry?” A quick glance at the silent cars around us, he turns in his seat to look at me. “spill it.”
“I get a question before I answer yours.” I’m talking about the burger bite. Ace pretends to think, arched eyebrow, tapping his chin. I giggle and he smiles. God is fiery, rough, masculine.
“I will answer your question.”
“How old are you?”
I caught him unprepared. are good. Ace clears his throat. “Thirty-three.” My eyes widen. “Almost ancient.” He glances back at the movement and then those emerald eyes land on me again.
“You’re not ancient. Older than I would have guessed, but you thought I was sixteen.” I shrug and put the last bite of the burger in my mouth.
“Too old for you.” He holds my gaze as he says this and I feel the heat rolling from him in waves. Oh wow.

My review:

It started really well! From her sister’s flower story b Forever with the nurse, We got a little hint of family life that we got the real experience with at the beginning of this movie. Eden had to run away, and wow, her parents were sick people who thought they could marry her to this scary old guy. The one who escaped from the need to marry him. I was not sure how I would feel about the story of a truck driver, I did not read many of these. But I really enjoyed this story. It was perfect the way it went. In fact I was always intrigued to wonder what the living area in a big truck looked like, so it was quite fun to read about it in this book. I used to joke when I was not happy with my job that I was just going to leave and then buy a truck and drive around the country, sell my house, take my dog ​​with me to the road. Lol. Buy a bright pink truck. Anyway, I really enjoyed this story. Another short one, so not much to talk about. I’m interested to see who’s the next Forever resident to get a story.

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About the writer:

I am a mother, a wife and a dog groomer by day. At nights I write contemporary romance. I love funny dog ​​videos, I read naughty books and drink too much coffee.

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