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Blog Tour Review with Giveaway: The Romance Novel Formula by A.K. Leigh


I am excited to host a place on THE ROMANCE NOVEL FORMULA by AK Leigh Blog Tour hosted Rockstar book tours. Check out my post and be sure to sign up for the gift!

I got this book for free from Rockstar Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour Review with Giveaway: The Romantic Novel Formula by AK LeiThe formula of the romantic novel By AK Leigh
Posted by AK Leigh on December 7, 2021
Genres: Reference books
Pages: 151
source: Rockstar book tours
format: Electronic glia
My rating: Four half-stars
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Is there a secret formula for writing a successful romantic novel?

Backed by research and professional expertise, the romantic novel formula provides everything you need to take you from the idea to the first draft of your romantic novel.

Join the best-selling romance writer and academic researcher, Alicia Lee, as you discover:
* How to take your areas of love to the “lovers’ journey” – including all types of romantic relationships: menagerie, alien, LGBTQI, polyamory, etc.
* A unique five-set structure to facilitate the writing and management of your story.
* The specific story “beats” exclusive to the romance genre (and that other books on writing do not usually include).
* The story and character are based on the arches needed to categorize your book as romance.
* How to avoid stereotypes by focusing on archetypes.
* Tropical romance popular.
* Essential writing techniques.
* Dialogue advice.
* The most common typos. . . And how to avoid them.
* Purpose, motivation and conflict.
* Fear, need and defect (what are they, and do you need them?).
*much more!

Complete with checklists and over 30 writing exercises, the Romantic Novel Formula is the new and essential guide to romantic writing for aspiring and experienced writers, plots and pants and professional researchers.

My review:

This book was really a great read, and I think it will help a lot if / when I decide to go back to writing. I’ve been on the fence for the past year, not getting along with writing. Trying to sketch but I’m not lucky enough to lead myself. However reading this book made me very much want to try again. As I read, each section had questions to help me wash out what I wanted in my book, and get me thinking right beyond the basics I usually have as pants. If you’re a writer, you know this term, but it means I do not usually describe. I just sit down with my idea and start writing. But I noticed I was stuck about in the middle if not much earlier than the time.

While reading I filled in information from a book that I am really close to finishing with, or at least I think I should be close, so it helped me understand maybe what I need to go back and rewrite in order to get the whole story back on track. One thing that really helped me while I was reading was that the author used examples from three books to show what she was talking about. Now, while I did not read any of the books, there was one pride and Prejudice, That I saw the movies and know the story. The other two stories were also familiar enough that I was able to see what the examples meant for each part.

All the various questions that unfolded throughout the chapters at the beginning of the book were also ultimately like worksheets. Worksheets I see myself making copies only for myself to fill out whenever I want to start writing a book. I loved the book so much that even though I read an e-book, I decided I wanted to continue purchasing a physical copy of the book, again to help myself with writing and planning in the future.

The only problem I really had was that some of the rhythms she described in the story felt like they were dragging things more than I felt necessary for this part of my story. But, since I keep getting stuck doing it the way I do it, I’m really going to sit down with all those worksheets and design a book or redesign one book I finished quite a bit on to help finish it. I can not decide what I want to do. Which would be easier and not make me shock and so frustrated that I left again. Oh, another little problem is that while all the examples were perfect, I was pretty hopeful for the hook examples at the end of Act 4, because I could not really imagine what it was.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write a romance but either does not know where to start or like me has a hard time getting to the end. As someone who buys and reads quite a few books to try and help in the last two years, this has been one of the easiest and fastest readings, along with being what seems to be the easiest to run right away.

About the writer:

AK Leigh (also known as Leigh Hatchman) is an unanswered and romantic dreamer, trauma survivor, writing teacher and identical trio. Her multi-genre fiction takes readers into a world of pleasant mystery, suspense, crime, the supernatural and time travel – all intertwined in a heartbreaking HEA novel. Her reference headlines (as Alicia Lee) take readers on journeys to strengthen self-love, increase creativity and increase imagination. Find her books, and follow her, at:

Join her exclusive LOVELEIGHS club at:

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3 winners will receive a finished copy of THE ROMANCE NOVEL FORMULA, International.

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