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Book Review: Waiting Impatiently – Independent Book Review


Reviewed by Alexandria Daxworth

A cup of tea enriches the soul

Of Andrew Hausley Can not wait Is a journey of a hero. But this time, our hero does not fight dragons or embark on a journey to save a princess in a faraway land. This journey comes on a spiritual level; It is one of self-transformation. People may not want to change, but life has a way of stimulating them.

The leading figure in this spiritual journey is Ian, a yoga teacher. People will assume that guys like Ian understood everything. They believe he lives in a charming house and makes good money from stretching all day in a yoga studio. In reality it does not work that way. For him, he did not live the good life.

Ian has been suffering from a heart attack for a long time that he cannot get rid of. He lives in a shabby area with a roommate who enjoys inviting women to his forbidden affairs. Ian’s yoga students do not practice yoga because of its spiritual value. For them, it’s all a matter of looking hot dog down in the latest lulmon attire.

But an epidemic soon changes the way Ian lives. He begins to wonder where his life is going. He became aware of his surroundings, his relationships and his sense of self. Ian does not like to deal with his past or anything related to his deep problems. The situations keep popping up, forcing Ian to deal with the music and change his whole life.

Hausley’s prose flows over the page like a gentle stream; Invites you to connect with your thoughts and feelings. Can not wait It is thoughtful, raw and absolutely fascinating.

Hausley makes you wonder about spirituality. Is the prayer to God spiritual, or is it meditation in front of a Buddha statue for three hours? It does not look like this is a runaway as a model for Lolimon. Is it? This novel is an opportunity for readers to connect to their true selves, to their spirit. And it does not have to be related to any religion.

At the beginning of Ian’s story, Ian is associated with Buddhism at the surface level. But he is barely in touch with his spirit. He needs to reflect on his heavy-hearted past to return to being one with his spirit.

The plague may be a difficult starting point to carry out, however Can not wait Does a wonderful and real job with him. This situation elicited millions of mixed emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, and some pieces of peace. The virus has changed billions of lives. Who knows what journey Ian would have embarked on if it had not come?

The biggest lesson from Can not wait Is the change natural. People are a part of nature, and it changes in the blink of an eye. It grows, blooms, dies and repeats its cycle over and over again. Ian needs to release what no longer serves him to become a stronger and freer person during his emotional transformation.

Can not wait Is a must-read book for anyone who likes to read spiritual books like Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari And of Paulo Coelho The Alchemist. Andrew Hausley’s words are mesmerizing in their silence. I do not want Ian’s story to end as a reader, but I’m glad he can get closer to peace, as we all can.

Publisher: Atmospheric press

genre: Literary / spiritual fiction

Print length: 204 pages

ISBN: 978-1639880454

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