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Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for November 26, 2021


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Witch please By Ann Aguirre for $ 1.99

Every heart opened By Seanan McGuire for $ 4.99

The luck of the Titanic By Stacey Lee

Heart grains By Terese Marie Mailhot at $ 1.99

gingerbread By Helen Oyeyemi for $ 1.99

A real scam By E. Lockhart for $ 1.99

Mr. Orange By Claire Fuller for $ 2.99

The survivors By Jane Harper for $ 3.99

The daughter of a firefighter By Angeline Bolly for $ 2.99

The hippies By Sylvia Moreno-Garcia for $ 2.99

A darker shade of magic By VE Schwab for $ 2.99

Good signs By Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for $ 2.99

Harrow Ninth By Tamsyn Muir for $ 2.99

Ariadne By Jennifer St. for $ 3.99

Razor tears By SA Cosby for $ 3.99

Court of Silver Flames By Sarah J. Mas for $ 3.99

Fifteen miles from the sun By Johnny Graza Villa at $ 3.99

We can be heroes By Mike Chen for $ 1.99

still alive By Maria Hummel for $ 1.99

The last train to Key West By Chanel Celton for $ 2.99

To teach, if you are lucky By Becky Chambers for $ 1.99

Quiet in the grave By Diana Raiborn for $ 1.99

Electric Hotel By Dominic Smith for $ 1.99

Empire of Wild By Cherie Dimaline for $ 1.99

Meflonim By Stephen Graham Jones for $ 1.99

Wire heart By Tess Sharp for $ 1.99

When women were birds By Terry Tempest Williams for $ 3.99

The house on sands and a book By Paraic O’Donnell for $ 2.99

The Book of the Lost and Found By Lucy Foley for $ 4.99

Cleopatra: Life By Stacey Schiff for $ 3.99

Golden girls forever By Jim Colucci at $ 1.99

Men in arms By Terry Pratchett for $ 1.99

If it makes you happy By Claire Cannes for $ 2.99

When they call you a terrorist By Patrice Colors and Woman Bendel for $ 2.99

as you please By Cary Elwes for $ 1.99

Kind of a big deal By Shannon Hale for $ 2.99

The magic of Shirley Jackson By Shirley Jackson for $ 1.99

Slippery creatures By KJ Charles for $ 3.99

The Lost Man By Jane Harper for $ 2.99

Delighted: My life in the kitchen By Lucy Kenisley for $ 2.99

The King of Iron By Julie Kagawa for $ 3.99

Beowulf By Maria Dahvana Headley at $ 3.99

The librarian of Auschwitz By Antonio Iturbe for $ 2.99



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