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You know those opinions that sometimes keep you awake at night, but you have a feeling no one else will understand where you are coming from? These are the types of thoughts I have incorporated in this book. I hope that through writing my heart, others will connect, relate and feel more open to expressing themselves through the art they have chosen.

Christie Lee in Abirad – November 5, 2021

The back flap

Ignites the heartbeat of the soul

Secrets of Scarlett Is Christie Lee’s second collection of songs. It is a book about passion, heartbreak and times of metaphorical desolation in our lives, and these dreams have been kept private in the deepest part of the soul. This collection echoes the longing to constantly live your life passionately in bright red: Crimson to be exact!.

In Shoshana
Body-hugging dress

And the secrets in these authentic wishes.

With lines bearing the musicals of an urban jazz club at night and soulful love songs playing in your stereo, Secrets of Scarlett It also deals with the biggest aspects of this life we ​​live and what motivates many of us towards that bright sunrise every morning.

Regarding the book

What is the book talking about?

Scarlett Secret: Songs Deals with “igniting the heartbeat of the soul.” The book is divided into three chapters that take the reader intimately through feelings of passion and romantic love, heartbreak, a claim to your individuality and outlook on life, and knowing exactly what you want out of life. The poems in this book are written with personal intent, as I know how to do, and my hope is that by writing so personally, the lines inspire my readers to awaken to their unique lives, opinions and dreams.

When did you start writing the book?

This book is a collection of poems written mostly in the first half of this year, and some have been edited ten years back.

How long did it take you to write this?

This collection was different from my previous one because soon Sapphire Stars: Songs Was out, I had a vision for the next book. As I mentioned, some of these songs were first created about ten years ago, but most of them were new thoughts starting in November 2020. I would say that putting together the full vision of the collection, writing mostly brand new songs and arranging them into episodes was a process of about five months.

Where did you get the idea from?

So, my first poetry collection was inspired by a color with dark blue and sapphire. In this collection I wanted to focus on passion, voice and heart. Secrets of Scarlett Comes from the fact that I wanted the alliteration with the “sea” again, and I also wanted this book to be inspired by color. I have always loved the color red. I believe that red, “Scarlett” is a passionate color that is full of so many associations of love, romance and my two favorite holidays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I wanted this book to have similar themes to them Sapphire Stars, But with more passion, musicality, sexy, and of course there is something new in this collection. This book reflects where I am at the moment and the growth that has taken place for me between the two books. I do not shy away from desires and perspectives on specific issues.

Were there parts of the book you struggled with?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. I think the only parts of the book that I may have struggled with are really vulnerable to my will and opinions. I really went for it in this collection, so to speak. You know these opinions that sometimes keep you awake at night, but do you have a feeling that no one else will understand where you are coming from? These are the types of thoughts I have incorporated in this book. I hope that through writing my heart, others will connect, relate and feel more open to expressing themselves through the art they have chosen. This collection is also more intimate, which is why it has more adult desire and wishes that of course other people will read it is a bit weird but at the same time, it is what makes the writing so powerful. Writing connects you with the reader and in turn creates this great thread between the author and the reader of this mutual desire to live a life full of passion, love and authenticity.

What comes easily?

Which came with it easily Secrets of Scarlett Was the vision of the book and the journey to it I wanted to take the reader through my personal poems. I knew I wanted the collection to have musicality, or rather, jazz style and soul. I start with the first part, “Hear You”, where you hear your inner voice and know what you want. Then, we move on to the second part, “Disperse”, which represents the “disperse” voice with a lot of different emotions and sounds, and finally, a third part, “The Spotlight”, where all the desire and views reached their peak. You are ready to sing with all your voice.

Are your characters completely fictitious or have you asked people from the real world that you know?

Secrets of Scarlett Written in person. I used my life experiences, thoughts, passions and circumstances I came across and saw to put together this collection.

Do you have a target reader for this book?

You’re supposed to always be a target reader, right? I never liked it because I want everyone to feel welcome to pick up this book. I believe that if you are drawn to this cover and intrigued when you read the back cover and table of contents, then this book is for you. I would say that this book is for anyone who is still discovering himself and has a lot of passion and desire in his heart. This book is for people who wake up in the middle of the night with a heart attack, knowing they need to write something or create something. It is for people who do not feel that they fit perfectly into the pattern of society most of the time and believe that this life should be full of passion and romance. Finally, it is for those who do not want a “bucket list”, but an “adventure list” that continues to grow.

How was writing this book different from what you experienced in writing previous books?

This book was different from my previous poetry number simply because it is full of songs that reflect where I am at this point in my life as a woman in her thirties who has not settled down, and refuses to ever adopt that term. While my first poetry collection, Sapphire Stars Full of heart, dreams and reflections, Secrets of Scarlett He is unapologetically bold, passionate and full of soul who has a long, musical, “crimson” thread woven into every part.

What new things did you learn about writing, publishing and / or yourself while writing and preparing this book for publication?

I learned that I want to incorporate more into this book than my love of photography. So there is a picture that connects to every song in this collection. I learned more about myself in writing and preparing this collection by writing even more personally than before. I think in every new writing project you learn more about the power of words and what you are able to create and give to your readers in a unique way.

End of interview:

Learn more by Christie Lee at Birad Like her Facebook page And follow her in both Instagram and Tic Tac.

Get your copy of Scarlet Secrets: Songs M Amazon USA or Amazon UK.



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