3.5 StarsBREAK ON THROUGH (Mafia Kingdom #3) by JESSICA RUBEN



“I’m not a good man, and I have nothing to give to a woman like you. My heart, at this point, is ice. But while you are with me, I will protect you like mine. And when it’s over, you will be free.”

Break on Through is the third book in the Mafia Kingdom series, and any book can be read independently. We really enjoyed this series – first with Light my fire, Then Love her madly, And now Talia and Leo’s enemies of lovers, arranged the Mafia romance for marriage in Book No. 3.

After being horribly cruelly deceived by his mother and twin brother, Leo finds himself far from his home in Kosovo, alone in New York – jobless and homeless, desperate to do something of himself and avenge those responsible for his plight. .

‘It happened to me once in the biggest way possible, but they will not make me a fool again’.

A chance meeting will see him become a successful member of Mafia Sqiptare, a man made in his own right, even though three years down the track, Leo’s thirst for revenge on his brother, and whoever deceived him is still first and foremost on his own. concern. He is angry and will not rest until he has put the injustices enacted on him, to correct.

‘Young or old, deception and lies are not tolerated’.

A $ 5 million pledge is enough to persuade Talia Mizrahi to agree (though, she didn’t really have anything to say) to an orderly marriage with Leo. Talia, a talented music student who dreams of playing in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, needs money to study. This is the perfect opportunity for her, as Leo agrees that once his plan is complete, he agrees to allow her to divorce him. But we all know what happens when the heart intervenes!

‘Terribly beautiful. Her dark eyes are no less decisive. ‘

Break on Through was a slightly tamed addition to Jessica Reuben’s Mafia romance series compared to previous books – but still – we enjoyed it! Low-level anxiety told in a double POV that it was entertaining – easy to read – Enemies for Lovers, an orderly marriage romance in which the writer handled the issues beautifully. The growth of both Leo and Talia was evident throughout the story, and we loved how intense Talia was!



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