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Breaking the Weak Link by Gary Westphalen Review


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are mine.

Real-life crime begins and is subsequently inspired by a story about the theft of a spur of an armored car in broad daylight that turns into a thriller at the end of the seat that includes crime rings, tourists, the destruction of a national monument, and a fiery affair in writer Gary Westphalan’s break the weak link.

The summary

When an undocumented immigrant in New York City encounters an armored truck whose guards simply do not notice, he takes advantage of the moment and walks casually with $ 1.6 million in pure gold. This real event forms the basis for breaking the weak link. But the story is just beginning. Before it’s over, an international crime ring will attack more armored trucks and destroy one of America’s greatest landmarks. Along the way, a TV reporter, a gold merchant, many armored truck guards, countless tourists, many of the criminals and even the FBI agent chasing them will be hung on a wire. Complete it with such a fiery romance that the pages may ignite, and this book is a must read.

This fast-paced thriller by writer Gary Westphalen (a show never happens, murdered for free) twists and turns on every page, leaving the reader begging to know what happens next. The story travels from New York to Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Washington DC and many other points, even as far as Nicaragua and Russia. The colorful details intertwined in this relentless story will make you believe you were led straight to the scenes. It’s like you’re watching from the invisible side at the center of the plot.

Feel comfortable, because once you start calling to break the weak link, you will not take it down until it’s over.

The review

What an amazing vortex thriller! The amazing thing that always amuses me when I read a book by Gary Westphalia is a natural way that the writer connects to a true crime narrative from which the fictional narrative emerges. The way a split decision from one person can get out of hand and create a tiered series of life-destroying events was created and researched so expertly in this novel, balancing the action and suspense of the crime element of the novel with the mystery and intrigue of the characters and protesters behind this crime organization.

The character growth really was the heart of this narrative. They brought the crimes themselves to life in such a vivid and chilling way, and the author has done a great job of showing that crimes rarely deal with “good and evil,” but are in a graded series of shades of gray. Because the “criminal” who started this journey was a simple man who took a chance and made a series of bad decisions as a result, to the brain behind subsequent crimes, which readers would not see coming miles away, each character feels well rounded and realistic, relying on the genres to Create entertaining and combative reading experiences.


“Break the Weak Squad” by writer Gary Westpallen, a brilliant, entertaining and adventurous crime drama, is a must-watch drama for 2021. One of the best new crime dramas of the fall, the author brought to life a thrilling thriller that will have some fans on the edge of their seats and the twisted finale The readers are completely stunned. If you have not already done so, be sure to pick up your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

About the writer

Gary Westphalia spent most of his life pursuing the truth. First as a journalist working for local TV stations, then moving to work for national news organizations, he eventually found himself as part of the White House reporting teams for a major TV network, where he engaged in verbal dialogue with every president from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama.

He also found time to work as a freelance documentary filmmaker, garnering many awards for his work. He went on to NASA, where he produced several major documentary productions for the space agency.

Gary’s next journalistic adventure was as the publisher of a major motorcycle magazine.

Now, Gary finds himself living on the shores of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, where he has reinvented himself as a writer and several audio books. His first two books have won critical acclaim and the plumbing is full of subsequent books.



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