adultCaffeinated Reviewer | 🎧 Magical Mojo by Kim Richardson

Caffeinated Reviewer | 🎧 Magical Mojo by Kim Richardson


29God’ November

Magical Mojo by Kim Richardson is the fourth audiobook in Hollow Cove witches, narrated by Devon Surori. With the most precious mother in town and the dead rising, Tessa has her hands full. Take a glass of hot cocoa and check my thoughts.

A magical mojo
By Kim Richardson
Series: Witches of Hollow Cove # 4
Announcer: Devon Surori
Length: 7 hours and 27 minutes
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher
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rating: One starOne starOne starOne starHalf a star
Narration: 4 cups Speed: 1.3x

Hollow Cove has never been a dangerous city. Strange and eccentric, perhaps. But not dangerous. Up to now.

A new magic threatens our supernatural community and competes for dominance. Something wakes up at night, and it’s really smelly. Not kidding.

I’m Merlin now, and my plan is simple: get in, protect my family and friends, and defeat this new evil. But it’s never that simple. One small mistake can lead to disaster.

Soon, I’m at neck height in a huge, stinking mess of nonsense, and it’s steadily rising. But the last thing I expected was that the man I fell for could threaten everything …

Hollow Cove’s Witches is an urban fantasy with a pleasant mysterious atmosphere surrounding the life of Tessa Davenport, Merlin. In this fourth episode, her mother comes to visit and we learn more about Tessa’s father, but not before we bend lines and deal with the dead.

I love the house, the aunts and the town of Hollow Cove. Tessa can be impulsive, but her intentions are always good. Her aunts drive me crazy. I love the secondary characters from her friends to the local sheriff.

The romance served on the side was a slow build. Just when we get to a good point and see progress there, someone returns to the city and causes trouble. It made for some interesting moments, but for me the power of this series lies in the cases or mysteries that Tessa, her friends and aunts solve every book.

If you love shit, mystery, small town stories and supernatural elements, you’ll be right at home. For lovers of pleasant mysteries, I think you will enjoy the chatter, humor and charming characters. The Davenport House is a character in itself, from its creepy basement to its magical abilities.

Devon Surori recounts and has become the voice of Tessa and the others. It enhances the overall story and enlivens these characters and the stories. Listening is a pleasure.

The issue of the dead is over, and we were left with enough hook to make me eager for the next audiobook. Fans of Darynda Jone’s Betwixt & Between series will enjoy this series.

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*Ebook available for Kindle Unlimited

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About Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson

Kim Richardson is the award-winning author of the best-selling series SOUL GUARDIANS. She lives in the eastern part of Canada with her husband, two dogs and a very old cat. She is the author of the SOUL GUARDIANS series, the MYSTICS series and the DIVIDED REALMS series. Kim’s library is available in print, and translations are available in more than 7 languages.

On Devon Surori

Devon Surori

Devon Surori is an actress and audio book narrator who has performed the narration of number six in audio books for Legacy Six, The Rise of Nine, The Revenge of Seven, The Fate of Ten, and Union.

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