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Caffeinated Reviewer | Treasured Hopes by Kendall Talbot


10God’ November

Sofia returns with the fifth novel in the romantic suspense series, Treasure Hunters. Today she shares her thoughts, Treasured Hopes by Kendall Talbot. Check out this romantic suspense series available through kindle unlimited.

Dear hopes
By Kendall Talbot
Series: Treasure Hunters # 5
Genres: Romantic suspense
Source: Author
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Deadly Secrets beyond Darkness leads to a deadly double cross in this action-packed romantic thriller.

The treasure hunter, Archer Mahoney, thrived in danger, but with his first child on the way, everything changed. His fiancée’s happiness depends on finding her grandmother’s priceless painting stolen by the Nazis during World War II.
When his focus is divided between preserving Rosalina’s inquisitive nature and delving into a dark past that people will kill to bury them, they go to Brazil’s vague underground

Armed with a yellowing letter dated during the war, Rosalina and Archer are pushed into a treasure hunt that scratches the belly of human nature. But Archer discovers the hard way that there is always a price to pay and with danger lurking in every corner, they are trapped in a double cross that neither of them saw coming.

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, with guaranteed happiness and wealth. Treasured Hopes is the fifth book in the steamy romantic suspense series “Treasure Hunters”, full of drama, danger and passion. He portrays a strong heroine and the rough but mischievous millionaire who steals her heart.

Warning: For readers who may be exposed to a sensitive topic, this book contains scenes that imply incest. It’s not graphic, but readers who are sensitive to it should read it carefully

Sophia Rose’s review

A lost family treasure is the goal of this trip and naturally the plans go awry, secrets are revealed, and an exotic adventure awaits the crew. Kendall Talbot’s treasure hunters’ series delivers the thrills, the places, the vibrant characters, and ‘X’ always marks the place with its romantic adventures.

Dear hopes He is the fifth in a series of treasure hunters and the second in the new series request. This is not a good place to jump into the story.

After the largest find Egypt has seen since the tomb of King Tut was discovered, Rosalina, Archer, Jimmy, Ginger and Alex intend to help Rosalina’s Nona go after a lost family who painted the painting the Nazis stole during World War II, and it seems that Make it clear to South America. Nona may be old, but she is determined to see this adventure in person.

However, before they go to Brazil and the family past secrets of Ginger, Archer and Jimmy are determined to steal back the Kalimala treasure. They do not know that Massimo is still alive, and he is ready to destroy his revenge on them when they come to fetch the treasure. Things seem difficult for the cache hunting team, but they were in difficult situations before only now they have Nona and then Rosalina is on the family road. Is everything worth it? They think so.

After just holding my breath from their Egyptian adventure, I was ready to continue with this fascinating group of treasure hunters. Diary of Ginger Iyun’s Nazi grandfather, Alex’s historical research work is phenomenal, and Archer and Jimmy are ready for anything. Rosalina has reservations about Massimo and his stolen treasure, but even she’s gifted to go on the hunt for Nona’s family inheritance. There was a brief introduction, but then things rolled into racing and I did not want to stop reading.

I love how the historical background of the treasure hunt and even more so the marvelous settings like the Brazilian rainforest are right at its core. Fun to watch them plan their trips, locate the clues and head out into the exciting wilds of the jungle.

It was fascinating to get more background on Jimmy and of course to see Ginger recreate her standing with everyone after the secrets published in the last book. Two new characters, Rodrigo and Diego, pop up and add to the mess. But Nona was the one who held my heart in all this. That old girl hung tough and went through the danger that my hair was padded, and it was also clear where Rosalina got her gift from for cooking when Nona took over the kitchen.

And sir, was it in a hurry. No one was sure and things got pretty tough. As it is, only part of the story was resolved, but everything was left in a good place to linger before the next series book. I can not recommend this series enough for those who love spice to romance and their suspense during a wild treasure hunting adventure.


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About Kendall Talbot

Kendall Talbot

Kendall Talbot is a thrill seeker, a hopeless romantic, a virtual killer, and an award-winning author of stories that will get your heart out of the action-packed suspense of exotic locations and the romance worthy of fainting.

Kendall sought thrills in all 46 countries she visited. She fumbled down frozen waterfalls, dripped from a raft of white water, jumped off the mountain with a man who spoke little English, and got too close to a 16-foot-long shark. When not writing, she enjoys wine and cheese with her crazy friends, and plans her next exciting international escape. She lives in Brisbane, Australia with her own hero and a soft little dog who specializes in snatching her writing time. Meanwhile, Kendall’s two sons embark on their own adventures – look out of the world. Kendall’s book, Lost in Kakadu won the prestigious title of Romantic Book of the Year 2014, and her books also reached the finals with the Best Award.

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