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Laura lamb,

Illustrated by Mary Barrow

Who would not want such a garden or a place to call itself? Laura Lamb wrote “Chelsea’s Forever Garden” About a little girl named Chelsea and the gift her parents gave her. She, Chelsea, sees this area as a place to play and discover nature and what can happen. Chelsea must make some decisions on how to use this area that her parents gave her. Is she?

Laura made good use of her descriptive gift as I could see this area even without Mary’s beautiful artwork. Mary’s description of Laura’s remarks was perfect for the picture. Chelsea will have to learn different aspects of adolescence that Laura and Mary present and tell. My favorite pictures were the ones showing the garden throughout the seasons and how Chelsea think of her garden and she can remember it and how this special area will always be a part of it, no matter how old or where her life will lead her. All the pictures were very detailed and the words matched perfectly.

In elementary school the teacher and the class could put together their classroom garden. It can be a science and math class as well as art classes.

This wonderfully illustrated story empowers children to learn that knowledge and growth are within them, and that life lessons sometimes reveal themselves in nature.

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Imagine receiving a gift beyond your wildest dreams! Chelsea is excited to now own its own plot of land on her parents’ farm! It’s her to do with as she pleases. Travel with Chelsea through the decisions it must make. Share her enjoyment as she spends countless days and nights watching the natural revelation of her garden and creatures. Go with Chelsea as she learns the wisdom of Mother Nature. See how her special relationship affects her daily life. Until one day she realizes she has lost that connection to her special garden. What’s happening now? Will Chelsea ever return to her feelings of joy and freedom? Treat yourself to these pages that contain amazing insights for young and old alike.

About the writer

Laura Lamb was born and raised in Atlanta, Pride, where she spent 41 years as an educator, both as a classroom teacher and as a training business owner. Over the years, she has witnessed firsthand how stress and anxiety affect her students. Laura not only does AkaEasy traits for her students, but also empowers them to feel calm and confident throughout the day and in challenging times.

On the illustrator

Mary Barrows is a freelance illustrator from the small town of Walkersville, MD. Ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil she has been drawing pictures of her favorite stories, and she has not stopped yet. Her illustrations are done in a traditional style using ink, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, graphite or anything else she can get her hands on.

2021ISBN: 978-1-7375344-0-236 pages

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