Bloggers#CybilsAwards Booklists: Food-y Books Part 1

#CybilsAwards Booklists: Food-y Books Part 1


food! Most of us love it. Love to eat it, love to cook it, and (if you are like me) love to read about it.

We seem to have a lot of books this year inspired by food, cooking and eating on our nominee lists, so why not celebrate as much as possible!

In fact, we plan to divide it into two weeks: all the picture books and reference literature this week, and the novels in high school, literature and graphics next week!

The great work of a refrigerator and oven
By Steven Weinberg
Brock Publishing roars

The books are designed to fit the device and the covers have real dumb eyes – and that, let’s be honest, an automatic victory. – Sam Richardson @ A little skill

Bella’s recipe for success
By Anna Sequira, illustrated by Geraldine Rodriguez
Radiant books

This book is a wonderful example of growth thinking and perseverance. Even the most talented people make mistakes! – Amy Smith @ Save the book

The bandits of the vegetation repair
By Ria Arini, illustration by Maria Andreeva
Ria Arini

The pampering life of Azalea Lane
By Nicki Shannon Smith, illustrated by Gloria Felix
Capstone Publishing

Azalea Lane’s pampering life is a refreshing book, with the story of a family of people who occasionally have a hard time in their relationships, but who really care about each other. – Dov Nans @ Readerbuzz

Otter: The best cake ever
By Sam Garton
Belzer + Bray

The words are very simple, the story is a bit silly and the illustrations are fascinating and engaging. Sam Gerton gives us a fun little introduction to the steps and baking process for kids. – TheBrookList

A goat wants to eat
By Laura Gahl, illustrated by Fred Blunt
Simon Spotlight

Goat Wants To Eat introduces young readers to word families, sight words and “bonus words” that they will read in this cute story about a hungry goat and a cat who just wants a nap. – Thompson Cloud



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