Book List#CybilsAwards Booklists: Mindfulness, Peace, and Hope

#CybilsAwards Booklists: Mindfulness, Peace, and Hope


A crazy year has passed (or two years) for almost everyone, and this is also reflected in the world of publishing.

There are a bunch of books on mindfulness, hope, empathy for others and peace in general.

It’s not just for kids: we can all use a little more than that every day!

My thoughts are clouds: songs for mindfulness
By Georgia Heard, Illustrated by Isabel Roxas
Brock Publishing roars

For every little thing: songs and prayers to celebrate the day
Edited by Yoni Kutner, Nancy Tapper Ling; Illustrated by Helen Kahn
Eerdmans books for young readers

This anthology of poetry, arranged from awakening to falling asleep, collects a classical selection, modern prayers and new songs from several cultures and beliefs to celebrate the day and its pleasures … – Anastasia is bustling

Beautiful day !: Tiny songs for all seasons
By Rudola Pepe, illustrated by Seng Son Ratenwan
Harry N. Abrams

The flight of the puffin
By Anne Bridden
Nancy Poulsen Books

I could see it doing a great grade in reading aloud, with kids making their own inspirational postcards to faint in their communities, or as Breiden herself did, to send mail to needy or affected communities of hate crimes. – Katie K. alibrarymama

Hop Springs
By Jamie Berry
Small, brown books for young readers

Sess Rios and Desert Souls
By Kiala Rivera

Sassi’s innate goodness is what gives her success, and the family that has found her, not only a wolf, but other creatures as well is absolutely adorable. However, it is not good at all unfortunately; She is scared, determined and fiercely uses every major agency under her control. Charlotte at Charlotte’s Library

Every little grace
By Martha Bartoli
Chronicle books

By Miranda and Paul Baptiste; Illustrated by Astley from this
North South

By Elaine Vickers, illustrated by Samantha Cotrill
Simon and Schuster / Paula Weissman Books

We move together
By Kelly Fritsch Van McGuire, illustrated by Eduardo Trejos
AK Press

We wear masks
By Marla Lesage
Orca Books

Three lines in a circle: the exciting life of the peace symbol
By Michael G. Long, illustrated by Carlos Wells
Westminster John Knox Press & Flyaway Books

This simple story with friendly and varied illustrations is a great introduction to the history of the peace symbol for ages K and up. Susan Dobrot b Susan’s reviews



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