Elyse Watches The Bachelor & The BacheloretteElyse Watches The Bachelorette–S18 E7: The Final Four

Elyse Watches The Bachelorette–S18 E7: The Final Four


It’s time for this week Single.

My girlfriend said she was wearing it in her house and it was so boring she did not look up at the TV, so I have even lower expectations than usual.

This week the last four guys will bring their families to Minneapolis to meet Michelle.

First is Brandon, who is from Portland.

He takes her to an indoor skate park because everyone in his family does skateboarding. He gets upset and falls a lot. He says he’s fine on his own, but in front of Michelle “his legs don’t work”.

Brandon drags Michelle on a skateboard.

That night she meets Brandon’s mother, Carmen, his father, David and his brother Noah.

Noa asks to talk to Michelle. He says Brandon may be behaving smoothly but he has a big heart and he has been hurt in relationships in the past. He asks what sets Brandon apart from the other guys.

“I just never had to question his feelings,” she says. When asked if she can see herself making a living with Brandon, Michelle says, “100% yes.”

Overall Michelle is stressing with the family.

Brandon and Michelle are sitting on a couch

Michelle later tells Brandon she died for him.

Next is Rodney. He tells Michelle who only grew up in Minnesota an apple called First Kiss, so they’re going to pick a few. Rodney tells the camera that he is willing to propose marriage to her.

That night she meets Rodney’s mother and stepfather. His mom, Carrie, says she and Rodney are best friends … which feels a little weird to me. Like, does Rodney feel that way? Or is she going to be competitive with Michelle?

Carrie talks to Michelle right away and asks what sets Rodney apart from the other guys. Michelle says Rodney makes her laugh more than anyone. Then Carrie asks if she can really make a living with her son, and Michelle says yes.

Carrie tells the camera that she is anxious that Michelle is dating four men.

Rodney’s stepfather asks if his feelings are really that strong in such a short period of time, and Rodney assures him it’s real.

When Carrie talks to Rodney alone she tells him that it scares her that he might be heartbroken at the end of the show.

He tells her, “I’m looking at Michelle and she’s worth the risk.”

When he tells his mom that he’s falling in love with Michelle, Carrie starts crying.

Next up is Joe, who is also from Minnesota.

They go to Joe’s old high school where they recreate the prom. In a poem she read in an earlier episode, Michelle talked about being the last person asked to prom so the date tells her a lot.

Michelle and Joe kiss.  They wear king and queen prom crowns.

Michelle later meets Joe’s mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law. There is a lot of awkward silence, so much so that you can hear a ticking clock in the background.

Michelle asks his mom if she can see the difference in Joe now that they’re out, and she says, “I can see how excited he is to sit next to you.”

This woman from Minnesota says it in the perfect Midwestern-nice voice, so let me translate.

She has zero good things to say about Joe and Michelle. It was definitely a cut. It was “Beautiful dresses“moment.

At a proper meeting in the Midwest, Michelle would follow this up with a comment about his mother’s cooking along the lines of “What kind of cream-based soup you died in this dish? It’s just so different!” In a really cheerful voice.

Then the next time everyone meets, his mom would not intentionally ask what extra to bring, which is very insulting. The rule is that you ask, and insist 3 to 4 times when the hostess refuses, and then, when she says to bring a salad that is mostly made with Whipped topping, You bring the salad made mostly Whipped topping.

The Cold War has thus begun and will be waged with passive aggressive compliments and pyrex dishes not returned in the next decade or more.

Joe tells his sister-in-law, Hannah, that he is dying for Michelle and is ready to propose marriage. Hannah says, “I hope it works out because we’ll see her at the grocery store.”

Finally it was Nate’s turn. He and Michelle go rowing on the lake. Nayte tells her that his family is not very sensitive and does not talk about feelings.

She meets his mother and stepfather, and Nietta’s mother gives her sweets for her students. She says that in the past she was a teacher and that sweets were the way to the hearts of her students.

Later his mother asks Michelle, “Is your ultimate goal to leave here with an engagement.”

Michelle hedges and says, “I … just going to do what feels right.”

His mother says she does not want Knight to feel stressed. “He’s never been in a relationship where it’s like I want to make it a deal forever.” She says she fears he is “carried away in the process.”

Nietta tells his mother that he is not willing to propose marriage to Michelle.

Then, in even more disturbing moments, Nayte’s stepfather tells Michelle Nayte he’s never been in love before and that he does not know the difference between being in love and being married.

Do you mean their relationship will not last after the show?

“I do not know if he can handle it. I do not know if he will get to that point [engagement], “Continues his stepfather.

Nietta tells his stepfather that everything feels so new.

“If it’s so new, how do you know it’s real?” Asks his stepfather.

“Charles, why do you have to do this to me?” Asks Nietzsche.

I’m pretty much a Charles team all the way. He’s not here because of the nonsense.

Nayte points out that he and his stepfather do not talk about these things, and his stepfather agrees.

“I do not say it much, I do not hug much, but never doubt that I am proud of you and love you,” he says.

Nayte tells Charles he loves him for the first time ever.

After they leave his parents talk about Michelle being older than Knight, and that he’s not at a point where he can get engaged. So that’s great.

The next day Michelle says she’s nauseous because she’s not sure Knight is ready to get engaged and “tonight is going to be the hardest rose ceremony so far.”

There is no cocktail party, instead we go straight to Lord.

Straight Lord, people!

Michelle says it feels like someone is standing on her chest. It’s a heart attack, Michelle. You need to go to the hospital.

Rodney eventually goes home and leaves Nieta, Joe and Brandon as her last three. Are you looking?

Michelle stands with Joe, Knight and Brandon



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