3.5 StarsEMPIRE OF DESIRE (Empire Series #1) by RINA KENT

EMPIRE OF DESIRE (Empire Series #1) by RINA KENT


‘I do not know what it is for me or where we will go from here. But I know one thing for sure. Gwyneth is now mine. ‘

It started with a kiss and exploded away. We do like a good age gap, forbidden romance, and the Empire of Passion certainly was. An 18-year age gap to be exact between thirty-eight-year-old Nate Weaver and the daughter of his good friend, twenty-year-old Gwen Shaw. Talk about passion…. These two ignited as soon as their attraction took hold.

‘That’s what Knight does – he steals attention. he stole. Because every time he is on the horizon, I am robbed of my breath and other things that I do not want to name … ‘

Years of crushing on her father’s best friend lead Gwen Shaw to take over and plant a kiss on Nathaniel Weaver on her eighteenth birthday. It throws a crooked ball at Knight, knowing that Gwen is forbidden to the field and her father, Knight’s best friend, Kingsley Shaw, will kill him, so he does his best to avoid her at all costs.

This is until a scary and tragic event puts them together, forces them into a fake marriage, and yes, we all know how they get along? These two can not move their hands away from each other! Gwen now has the power to stand up to him, to Knight’s displeasure and amusement as his feelings for Gwen rise far beyond Platonic! They may have been married out of necessity, but those feelings, especially for Knight, soon turned into something else — something possessive, raw, and above all.

“This is a fake marriage.”
“Fake is an illusion, but it is real, tangible, it can be touched.”

Rina Kent provided a domineering, cynical and sexy hero with Knight, and of course, we fell for him. But, as much as he was domineering, this man was very much suited to Gwen’s feelings, her feelings and her vulnerabilities. We knew he would do his best to protect her, he was crazy about this girl!

‘The best way to become a king is to slaughter one’.

There was anxiety from all angles, a bit of a mystery as we slowly uncover the mysterious woman who abandoned Gwen when she was a baby, leaving her to be raised by the loving and protective father Kingsley too. What a credit he was – bringing a baby alone while in college and building his chain of most successful law firms Weaver & Shaw with Knight.

The repetitiveness of a few things caught us – the subject of vanilla for example – we were laden with in this book, and it did get tedious towards the end. Got it, she loved vanilla milkshakes, vanilla ice cream … we just did not have to remind ourselves all the time. Some things did not work out or were seen ‘comfortableFor lack of a better word, which scratched our heads.

Told mostly in a POV double variety and net, we also loved the Spanish POVs from Kingsley. This book certainly provided what was written on the tin – The Empire of Desire is a sexy, passionate, insanely forbidden romance.



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