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Welcome to Issue No. 107!

Germinate the sparrow, make a shortcut with closed eyes and a smile on the face.  Their cape sways in the wind with their arm outstretched in their weakness.

The trees are whispering…

Friends, welcome to another exciting week of pool book news! Every Sunday, The Quiet Pond brings you a new issue of book news to catch up on this week’s line of diverse book publications, cover exposures, book news and sometimes more! Now, on to the brilliant books!

The book is published this week [October 31st – November 6th]

Purification in Rash by Para Harun

Life is full of surprises in a winning novel about a girl who dreams big during one unexpected summer in a small town.

When the coveted fashion specialty of the ambitious 17-year-old designer, Tahira Jen Muhammad, falls, her parents have a plan B. Tahira will work in her aunt’s boutique in the small town of Bavel, the flower capital of Ontario. It’s only for the summer, and she’ll get the experience she needs to apply to college. Plus her best friend is coming. It will not be so terrible.

But she just is unable to deal with Rowan Johnston, the coarse and obsessive garden nerd next door with frayed cuts and horrible shoes. Not to mention his sharp jaw line, burning eyes and soft lips. So annoying. Rowan is also just the child-plant whose purity should help win the Bavel Flower Arrangement Competition – an event that carries importance in New York City, of all places. And with designers, of all people. Connections she needs!

No one is more surprised than pure to find that flower design is almost as great as fashion design. And Rowan? Turns out he’s more than ironic shirts and soil under his nails. Purity is about to find out what it is really made of – and for its name. Because here in the middle of nowhere, purity is just beginning to blossom.

Releases November 1st. Add this book to Good readings!

A Psalm of Storms and Silence by Roseanne a. Brown

Karina lost everything after a violent coup left her without her kingdom or throne. Now, the most wanted man in Sonanda, her only hope is to restore what in her justice lies in the divine power hidden in the lost city of her ancestors.

Meanwhile, the resurrection of Karina’s sister has led the world into chaos, with disaster after disaster threatening the peace Malik found as Fried’s apprentice. When they discover that radiation itself is the key to restoring balance, Malik must use his magic to lure her back to their side. But how do you restore the trust of someone you once tried to kill?

As the canvas holding Sonanda begins to tear, Malik and Karina again find themselves torn between their duties and their desires. And when the fate of everything depends on one horrible choice, each of them must decide what he values ​​most – a power that can change the world, or a love that can change their lives.

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

Spin Me Right Round by David Valdes

From the acclaimed writer David Valdes, a sharp and funny YA affair that he returns to the future with a twist, when a gay boy returns to his parents’ time to save the life of a closed classmate.

All Luis Gonzalez wants is to go to the prom with his boyfriend, something his “advanced” school still doesn’t allow. Not after what happened with Chase Wilson. But that was ages ago, when Lewis’ parents were in high school; That would not have happened today, right? He is determined to find a way to give his LGBT friends the respect they deserve (while also not risking his chance to be the prom king, just saying …).

When a blow to the head knocks him back in time for 1985 and he meets the young Chaz who is doomed to him, Lewis devises a new plan – he goes to give this guy his first real kiss. Although it turns out that a conservative school in the 80s is not the safest place to be a gay kid. Especially with homophobes running the campus, including Gordo (known as Lewis’ estranged father). Lewis hesitates, trying not to make matters worse – and hoping he returns to our day at all.

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

You Can Go Your Way by Eric Smith

No one said love would be easy … but did they mention it would be frozen?

Adam Stillwater is over his head. At least, that’s what his best friend would say. And his mother. And the guy who runs the hardware store on the street. But this pinball arcade is the only part of his dad that Adam has left, and he’s determined to protect him from Philadelphia’s new tech mogul, who wants to make it another one of his cold, lifeless cafes for games.

Whitney Mitchell does not know how she got here. Her parents separated. She lost all her friends. Her boyfriend dumped her. And now she’s spending her last year managing social media for her father’s successful coffee shop chain – which consists mostly of insult trading with this old, sloppy pinball game around town.

But when a huge blizzard hits, Adam and Whitney suddenly find themselves trapped inside the arcade. Detached from their families, their worlds and their responsibilities, the tension between them seems to melt away, leaving something else in place. But what happens when the storm stops?

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

Coming Back by Jesse Zabersky

A beautiful graphic novel and a fantasy romance Which follows two young women who have to embark on separate adventures of their own to discover the truth about themselves and each other.

An item is magic.

And Lisa does not.

Everyone in his village has magic in his bones, and Freight is the strongest of them all. Without any power of her own, how can Alyssa ever be worthy of an item’s love? When their house is under attack, Wallisa has a chance to prove herself, but that means leaving the item behind. On her own for the first time an item violates the most sacred laws of the village, and is rejected from the only house she has known and sent to a new world.

Will Alyssa and Perit manage to find their way back to each other, divided by different paths, insecurity and distance?

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

It is impossible to tame wild tongues: 15 voices from the Latin Diaspora edited by Saracia J. Fennell

Edited by The Bronx Is Reading founder Saracia Fennell, featuring a star cast of Latin donors, an anthology unlike any other in the young adult market right now.

B It is impossible to tame wild tongues, Writers from across the Latin diaspora explore the various myths and stereotypes about this rich and diverse community. From immigration to sexuality, from music to language and more, these essays and personal songs are essential additions to the cultural discourse, will surely inspire hope and ignite dialogue.

WIt is impossible to tame difficult tongues Includes best-selling and award-winning writers, as well as new and rising voices, including: Elizabeth Asbado, Christina Arvella, Ingrid Rojas Contreras, Naima Koster, Natasha Diaz, Khalil Haywood, Zakia Jamal, Jennell Martinez, Jasmine Mendez, Meg Medina, Mark Oshiro, Julian Randall, William Rivera, Ivy Zubboy

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

Wonderful light by Freya Marska

Ovin Blyth has more than enough troubles in his life. He struggled to be a big, good brother, a responsible employer, and the vicious brunette of a seat afflicted by the disturbances of his late parents. When an administrative mistake sees him called the Civil Service liaison to a hidden magical society, he discovers what was going on beneath the unusual reality he has always known.

Now Robin has to deal with the beauty and danger of magic, an infernal deadly curse, and the disturbing visions of the future that come with it – not to mention Edwin Coursey, his cold and stinging colleague in the magical bureaucracy who clearly wishes Robin was everyone and everywhere else.

Robin’s predecessor is gone, and the mystery of what happened to him reveals disturbing truths about the oldest stories told to them about the land in which they live and what binds it. Tossed together and faced with unexpected dangers, Robin and Edwin discover a plot that threatens every magician on the British Isles – and a secret that more than one person has already died to guard.

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

The Veiled Throne by Ken Liu

Princess Thara, formerly known as Empress Ona Madara, entrusted the throne to her younger brother in order to travel to Okio Gonda for war with the Leukos. She crossed the legendary storm wall with a fleet of advanced warships and ten thousand men. Troubled by distress, Ther and her most trusted friends try to overcome any challenge by doing the most interesting thing. But is letting the past dictate the present is not always possible or even desirable?

In Dara, the Yoko leadership, as well as the surviving Dandelion court, burn rivals as streams of power surge and low points of view change and change. Here, parents and children, teachers and students, the Empress and his supervisors, all cultivate the seeds of plans that will take years to blossom. Will tradition succumb to new justifications for power?

Everywhere, the spirit of innovation dances like dandelion seeds on the wind, and the forgotten, ignorant, ignorant people begin to engineer new solutions for a new era.

Ken Liu returns to a series that draws from a tradition of the great epics of our history from Anide goddess Romance about the three kingdoms And builds a new story that has no competitors in its scope and ambition.

Releases November 2nd. Add this book to Good readings!

Book news

Gate Exposure: The Haunted Sword by Tasha Suri

illustration: Micha Epstein | to design: Lauren Penpinto | Add this book to Good readings!

Exposure of a Gate: Our Undead Truth by Britney Lewis

illustration: Adconal Adelek | Design: TBA | Add this book to Good readings!

Gate Exposure: Finding Jupiter by Cleese Rowe

illustration: Delmine Donson | to design: Ray Shappel | Add this book to Good readings!

Gate Exposure: Zila and Kai by Christina Forrest

illustration: Adriana stood out | to design: Caitlin Young | Add this book to Good readings!

Cover Exposure: Be Real, Macy Weaver By Lakita Wilson

illustration: Mike Planzka | to design: Tony Sahara | Add this book to Good readings!

Book Announcement: YA Novel on Conspiracy and Secrets in an Elected Boarding School by Aleema Omotoni

Book Announcement: Kylie Lee Baker’s Fantasy of YA Fantasy by YA Fantasy on Classes and Necromancy Occurring in Alternative History

Book Announcement: Medium Grade on a Farm with Ghosts and a Cuban American Boy Facing His Fears by Adriana Cuevas



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