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Readers, today I am happy to welcome the team member Ginger Horton Share about a book that changed her life in the most practical way. Ginger is our community director at the modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club. Take it, Ginger!

My favorite books are the kind that teach me something. But mine is very My favorite books make me change something in my real life as a result of what I learned-Look at Robin differently, Another budget, Walk around another street.

Like so many, I first met Ingrid Raspberry Lee through Her excellent Ted Talk. I immediately hurried out and bought her book, Joy: The surprising power of ordinary things to create extraordinary happiness.

Of all the whimsical and practical things I learned, I started to get a little fanatical about one of them: the light bulb.

Most of us learned in elementary school about light and how it affects color, but I did not know how warm and cool light can affect our happiness. Fortunately, Ingrid Raspberry Lee knew.

As a result, I learned more than I ever dreamed I could want to know about Calvin and CRI (Color Processing Index) grades. I soon marked the page and used it as my personal guide to using happier bulbs at home, immersed myself in research into what bulbs are on the market, and photographed the page of the said book on my phone so I could consult it at home. Beyond the store.

These days I have a favorite brand, I have memorized the happy and precise specifications, and I keep them in my laundry room just like I keep paper towels in the linen closet and pasta in the pantry.

I literally changed the way I buy light bulbs for my house because of this book. I was so excited about these bulbs, that friends sent me texts from the destination crossing and asked “Which bulbs should I buy again?” That’s why I’m so excited Mrs. Darcy’s Modern Book Club reader joyful And spoke with the author in December.

I love this book because of its incredibly nerdy inside information on things like the psychology of why sports teams wear the same shirt, and also, why wedding parties do. (There is a reason!) About things like why exactly It’s such a pleasure to find a forgotten $ 20 bill in your pocket when you know you have another $ 20 in your wallet. And why so many happy things are circles (confetti, balloons, dots, daisies – the list goes on!).

But most of all, I am happy because I am always surrounded by my wonderful light, because my bulbs are warm and bright and flattering. And I’m glad I’ll never have to stand in the doorway of the home store again, wondering what the hell these lighting fact tables say, feeling overwhelmed by options I do not understand – and neither do you.

Here’s what to do: Buy the Calvinist closest to 3000 and the CRI close to 100. GE Relax bulbs They are my favorites. Ingrid Raspberry Lee knows, and now you know too.

We can do nothing about daylight saving time, but we can fill our homes with a happy light.

I hope you will join us as we discuss joyful In December. Take a look at ours Calendar of events See what happens and then sign up Join us for classes, community and conversation!

What books have changed your life in practical ways? Do you have a favorite light bulb? Please share in the comments.

post Scriptum. Book club membership is a great gift for your favorite bookworm (or yourself). See all the membership options as a gift here.

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