fingerplaysFingerplays for the Emotionally Disturbed

Fingerplays for the Emotionally Disturbed


Creative Finger Games and Beads Action: Index and Guide to Using Them

presenter: I am a new employee of a youth services librarian at a public library branch who has been without a children’s librarian for almost 3 years. While evaluating my library’s professional development collection, I came across [this book]. Most of the information in this book is fairly standard for the subject: chapters cover developmental milestones for different ages, suggestions for finger games and rhymes, and some creative ideas for example. All of these finger games themselves are now beautifully organized and demonstrated on sites such as Jbrary. And since 1992, a number of excellent training as Story times are superimposed Developed and made available for youth service librarians. Hence, this 30 year old book would not find much use in my branch. Regardless, I felt the need to peruse the book and discovered the sample page I include here on the “Children with Mental Retardation and Emotionally Disrupted” service. Um, we do not use these terms anymore, and I’m pretty surprised they’ve still been used in 1992! Even my colleague at my branch, who hates the idea of ​​weeding everything out, agreed that this title must go.

Holly: Sometimes it is easy to miss such books, which still have a certain value. I’m sure the actual finger games are mostly fine. These hidden passages, like the one you sent, can be ignored. You can always photograph the parts you can still use and recycle the rest.

Creative finger games



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