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#FlashbackFriday – Last Call (Mack’s Bar Mysteries) by Allyson K. Abbott #Review / #Giveaway @KensingtonBooks


In the days of flashback I will share with you
The books I could not review
When they were first released they screamed at me
From my future bookshelf to read.

Last conversation (Mack’s Bar Mysteries)
A pleasant mystery
6 in the series
Set – Wisconsin
Publisher: Kensington (July 31, 2018)
Mass Market Paperback: 368 pages
ISBN-10: 1496701747
ISBN-13: 978-1496701749
Kindle ASIN: B0776GL23W

A bar owner takes advantage of her special development talents when a businessman is mysteriously shot on this top shelf with included beverage recipes.

After solving a murder that hit too close to home, Mack’s trust shatters. But when Milwaukee Police Detective Duncan Albright asks for her help in the shooting, she can not resist using her inconceivable senses to benefit others. It turns out that the victim was the cruel businessman who secretly questioned their friend Mal. And now Mal is absent – and his fingerprints on the gun. Did his cover explode, forcing him to hide? Or could he be a runaway straight killer? Mack no longer knows what to believe – apart from her stomach, which leads her to secret rooms, shocking revelations. . . And the fear that it might be her last round.

Dolicas’ thoughts

Bar owner McKenzie “Mac” Dalton is brought into her first licensed portfolio as a Milwaukee police attorney. With Detective Duncan Albright by her side, they arrive at the shooting scene. The victim is a man undercover by an undercover cop from Al O’Reilly. Now Mal does not answer his phone and they have no idea where he is but his fingerprints are on the murder weapon. Mack and Duncan know they need to find their friend quickly because his cover might explode. Also, his family is in town to install an elevator at Mack’s bar and they will want answers. Duncan and Mack do not believe Mel killed a man and fled the scene. But then Mack’s special talents lead her to something very surprising in the house where the shooting took place that could blow the bag wide.

I really enjoyed this series. Ms. Abbott’s characters are so realistic. Of Mack Synesthesia Maybe a little out there, but it’s a real situation she’s really fined for giving her the ability to help the police. Her romantic relationship with Duncan heats up, but heck, I was a teammate from Mal, especially after we met his family at A glass for murder. I loved that their visit continued into this book. The bartenders, servers and customers are all like Mack’s family and I know this feeling because my parents bought a bar when I was in high school and we lived in the apartment upstairs. Like Mack, I spent a lot of time down the aisle in every way I could and knew the regulars pretty well. We did not have a Capone club but we did have some epic Euchre tournaments. Unfortunately, Mack had to deal with a lot of tragic events during the series, and each of them helped shape her into the fantastic person she is now.

The mystery in this book was wonderful. I do not go into much detail because I do not want to spoil anything. I will say that Mac uses her delicate soul, her synesthesia and her history to make a witness open up and help solve the case. I really liked that Mack really played a key role in her first case as a consultant and that she changes a lot of opinions. I thought Mac would take an amazing step, but she did not. She did take another step that I think was a little too early, but there was a reason for it.

Unfortunately The last call She really is the last call. This is the last book in this series that took place during a very traumatic year in Mack’s life. It was a pleasure to meet her and everyone involved in her life, wonderful people, and even unpleasant. I was late for a party on this series but I’m so glad I found it and was able to read all six books and was able to share my reviews with you.

The author has given a lot of background in this book so that new readers can read this book as a freelancer, but I really recommend you read the series from the beginning so you can get to know the people in Mack’s world from the beginning.

Your escape to a travel agent for a good book

Alison K. Abbott It is a fictitious name used by the suspense writer Amos Beit. Beth enjoyed a diverse writing career that included a tenure as a book critic and several years as a freelance reviewer. She now writes only fiction, and in stark contrast to her “day job” as a sorting nurse, where she gets to save a life, the only common factor in her fiction, no matter what name it is written in, is that someone always dies. Alison K. Abbott is my little inner joke about having to pick another fictitious name. It’s not the acronyms that are what they are. Check out her web page Here And on Facebook Here. Allison also writes approx Analys Ryan.

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