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Going There, a review by Amy – The Book Review Crew


Going there
Katie Couric
736 pages
Little, Brown and company

People who are able to laugh at themselves tend to be quite attractive. Those who can look at their mistakes with clarity and candor tend to be absolutely likable.

Katie Couric has been the “it” girl in the media world intermittently for decades. Playing the cheerful girl in the neighborhood, she became a friend across the airwaves even when she managed to spot some of the most important interviews of the period.

In her memoir, Curric is raw, unfiltered and transparent. Although she digs some digs at others (both in and out of the industry), she takes on even more. As she recounts the ups and downs of her life, she constantly gives an introverted account. We see a flawed, though successful, woman who grew up through these mistakes and experiences.

But after all it’s a memoir about Katie. So we also get a hearty dose of charming, great benefit of humor, and all the great stories we expected from her.

In addition to insight into Curricane’s life (marriage, family, children, mourning, career, reinvention), she also provides the rather amusing behind-the-scenes look. From fascinating dates (Larry King and Michael Jackson to name a few) to surprising details the camera did not catch on in some of the best known interviews watched by thousands.

And yes … she does “go there” for Matt Lauer. It provides a look at the long-standing relationship, its shock with the news rollout, and the current status of the friendships between them.

When I finished the book, I felt like I was drinking coffee with an old friend, and updated on all the details that had been lost over the years.

This book is best enjoyed by a combination of print and audio. Cork recounts the audio, where she occasionally plays a serenade and includes excerpts from interviews. But even the printed copy is not to be missed. It has plenty of pictures that enhance the stories she tells.

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