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title: Aram’s gold thread

author: Walt Ronkis

genre: Speculative literature

Aram’s gold thread By Walt Ronkis examines what might happen in the near future when the human population reaches saturation, and climate change, seemingly unexplained / supernatural events, and government conspiracies threaten human existence. Special Forces agents Morrow and Bill investigate the brutal deaths of two government officials and come to the alarming conclusion that much more is at stake and happening behind the scenes than they could have imagined. One clue leads to another as they form a team that hopes to correct political, religious and social corruption, only to come face to face with a frightening revelation.

Walt Ronkis creates a scary world in his novel, but against the backdrop of a falling apart world, his main actors, Morrow and Bill, bring moments of levitation and humor as they investigate the deaths of two of their friends. The characters feel real and connectable, especially when they complement each other or when Moro’s excellent cooking skills are the reason Bill’s pants tighten. The author’s ability to keep the characters modest in the midst of a very heavy story in science and at the end of your seat, prevents the novel from being too serious or daunting. It was a welcome touch.

The author has clearly done a great deal of research to write this novel. Because the book is part of science fiction, Ronkis will need to know much of the science behind the effects of overpopulation, climate change and survival instincts, but in addition to science, it also relies heavily on computer programming knowledge, conspiracy theories that include aliens, religions and Eastern and Western philosophical patterns. General human. The way Ronkis weaves all of these elements convincingly into a fictional narrative is compelling and impressive. These themes turn pages.

While the author’s extensive knowledge of many topics often works in favor of the novel in deepening the plot line and maintaining momentum, there are cases where the narrative is slowed down by too many numbers instead of showing. Sometimes a few pages of information about theories, conspiracies, how something works, or the background of a character interrupts the plot. Perhaps another approach to rely on this necessary information would be to weave it into a novel through dialogue or flashbacks. Because the book contains 76,000 words, is heavy science fiction, and is self-published, the genre is not limited to word counting as it has traditionally been published. Also, science fiction novels are usually 100,000 words or more in length, so this novel can be easily expanded by threading these necessary details into the entire length of the narrative instead of in large sections.

Aram’s gold thread Is a fascinating story with a seductive ending, which makes the reader want the next episode in the series. The story is a story of hope against seemingly impossible chances and frightening truths, how the human spirit cannot be suppressed. For readers who enjoy speculative literature with a heavy scientific basis and metaphysical elements, Walt Ronkis’ novel will provide.

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