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Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart – Right Writing Words


title: Grace & Fury (Grace & Fury, No. 1)
author: Tracy Banghart
release date: July 31, 2018
rating: 3/5 stars

Hello lovely readers!

“It’s not a choice when you do not have the freedom to say no. Yes does not say the same thing when it is the only answer you are allowed.”

Size and rage Is a product of the period when YA books were mass-produced.

It features many familiar contributions, stories and themes from the YA genre, and frankly, most of the prominent themes have been exhausted and exaggerated. Feminist themes are woven into the story, but in ways we have seen before and the plot twist was one I could see from the beginning.

But that does not mean I did not enjoy the book.

His plot is a combination of The choice and Red Queen And was pretty easy to predict. It was a fun and easy read, and instead of looking like an epic fantasy adventure, it’s a bite-sized fantasy that would fit a few more. Some fantasy novels begin with building a heavy world and exposure, but this book avoids it, making it perfect for fantasy readers for the first time.

Although the plot line is familiar to many, the book struggles to find its identity in its original environment.

A prison full of exiled women competing for survival in cruel circumstances is something that intrigued me. Reading about these exiled characters made it easy for me to develop some sympathy for them.

However, most of the characters were flat and defined by a single character trait. Nomi was without a doubt the most lively of the bunch and I most enjoyed her point of view.

For some, it will be a boring read that does not really bring anything new to the genre.

For others (like me), this may be a comforting read, a nostalgic reminder of a genre that readers devoured a few years ago.

that’s it!

What is your favorite YA trope?

Until we meet again!
Xx Alexia



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