'Gravity Is Heartless'Gravity Is Heartless : The Heartless Series by Sarah...

Gravity Is Heartless : The Heartless Series by Sarah Lahey


There are many people who do not believe that climate change is real. These people will probably be happy to tear this book to shreds. but! For those who believe in science I think these will benefit from this new book by Sarah Lahli, ‘Gravity is Heartless’

The future is the present in so many words. Sarah Lahi has written a science fiction novel set in the not-so-distant future that can teach today’s citizens a lot of lessons based on different beliefs in this book titled ‘Gravity is Heartless’. Sarah wrote this novel about a female character named Kevin, a scientist who wants to quit Climate changeThe negative reactions to ‘climate change’ even if it may be too late. Which is more important in life or technology? Kevin must decide on some of the issues that affect her life and the people she lives and loves whether biological or technological.

‘Gravity is heartless’ is the first in a series that shows and tells readers what might happen if nothing is done now to help our climate improve even with all the extremism that seems to be happening today as well; If possible. At first it describes the near future in which humans and transhuman seem to live together. This will make a good read for many readers of many disciplines from science and technology to the social sciences. It can also work perhaps in counseling and social work in deals with different types of relationships as technology tries to take over in many ways.
There are a lot of realistic elements here, also the science that is used great, even though it is a love story and science fiction. ‘Gravity is heartless’ he turns pages.

What will the world look like in thirty years? How will humanity survive the impending effects of climate change? Taking place in the near future and inspired by the world around us, Gravity Is Heartless is a romantic adventure that imagines a world on the brink of climatic catastrophe. The year is 2050: automated cities, vehicles and homes are now standard, artificial intelligence, CRISPR garden editing and quantum computing have become a reality, and climate change is in full swing – sea levels are rising, clouds are disappearing, the planet is warming. Kevin Buyers is a climate scientist who would rather study the clouds than prepare for her wedding day. But when an unexpected tragedy causes her to lose everything, including her famous scientific mother, she embarks on a journey of answers that takes her around the world – and she reveals friendships, loss and love in the most unexpected places along the way. Gravity is heartless It is a bold, speculative fiction that sheds a harsh light on the care of our planet, even as it offers a breathtaking sense of hope for the future.

Winner of the American Fiction Award for 2021 in Science Fiction: General

Gold winner of the IPPY Awards for 2021 in Science Fiction
Final of the 2021 International Book Awards in Fiction: LGBTQ
Final of the 2021 International Book Awards in Fiction: Science Fiction

Finals of the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards for 2021 in Fiction: Adventure
Final Literature of the Best Book Awards for 2020: LGBTQ

About the writer

Sarah Lahi is a designer, educator, futurist and writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior design and communication and visual culture, and works as a senior lecturer teaching classes in design, technology, sustainability and creative thinking for a design college in Sydney, Australia. With over 30 years of experience working in industry, Sarah is passionate about the designers who shape our cities and environments, and reflect the way we want to live in the 21st century

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