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How To Approach Book Bloggers for Reviews – Right Writing Words


I think all the book critics got an email titled something along the lines of “Request a Review.”

As a novice reviewer, it’s incredibly exciting! But as time goes on and audit requests start to pile up, it can be exhausting to accept those requests. Their schedules are full and they may not have enough time to add another book to their stack. Sometimes, it can be exhausting to even reply to these emails.

If you are a writer, I wrote this post especially for you (with love!)

If a visitor does not respond immediately to your email, give them time.

Readers are people and blogging / reading is a hobby for them, not a job. If a reader accepts your review request, he is doing you a favor. It takes a lot of time and effort to read and review a book. Also, their personal lives can take up a lot of their time.

If a reviewer does not respond to your email, chances are he has seen it and does not want to review your book. Do not take it too personally! Each reader has his or her own preferences and you will eventually find a reviewer whose blog blog is perfect for your book.

Always choose to be respectful and kind in your emails.

Opening an email from an author and finding a written request in a very rude way will cause me to close the email immediately. An enthusiastic reading of an author’s request that gets you excited for a book can make all the difference!

Also, if a reviewer declares that he does not accept requests, do not send him review requests. Almost always, their guaranteed answer will be no.

If a reviewer rejects your request for review, do not be angry.

More often than not, a reviewer may say no to your request. So it is customary to be kind and accept their answer as it is. Do not continue to bother them and definitely to React angrily; This will only solidify the reviewers’ response and will not benefit you.

If a visitor is doing Accept your request, remember to thank them for thanking them for the review. If you are writing another book and want reviews, the book blogger may remember you and will want to review another book for you.

Remember, when you send these emails to testers, you are trying to cultivate a relationship with them. The way to do this is to be polite and friendly.

and that’s it!

This post is just my opinion and other reviewers will definitely have other opinions.

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Until we meet again!
Xx Alexia



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