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In For Life: A Journey Into Murder, Corruption, and Friendship by Elaine Alice Murphy Review


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are mine.

The murder of a Boston cop leads to the arrest and false conviction of a murderer against a young black man named Sean Ellis, and in this book writer Elaine Alice Murphy embarks on a journey to examine the 4 sentences to try to exempt Sean Ellis and show why he was mistakenly convicted in “All Life: Journey “.

The summary

The case of Sean Ellis (covered by Netflix’s four trial) who was falsely accused and convicted of murder he did not commit. In for Life follows the personal journey of journalist Elaine Alice Murphy as she fights to allow her friend Sean’s story to be heard and help him gain his freedom

The review

A truly exciting and fascinating real crime read, the author has done an amazing job of balancing a narrative memoir writing style with descriptive prose that painted a vivid picture of the case itself. The personal connection the writer had with this case and the young man who was imprisoned falsely reinforced the emotional connection the readers had with Sean, and the way the author handled both the actual case and her personal work in investigating and funding on Sean’s behalf was both professional. And enthusiastic about its delivery.

The issue of racial prejudice in the legal system and in our world as a whole has been thoroughly explored in this reference reading. The story has had an even greater impact in recent years, as the level of violence between police officers and people of color has increased exponentially in the last decade and is becoming much more public. Sean becomes a prime example of how the justice system was created to act against colored people, especially young black men, and the investigation of not only this grave injustice in the United States but the dramatic nature of the crime itself was enough to keep this reader on edge, captivated by every twist and turn.


Beautifully written, heartfelt in its delivery and thought-provoking both thematically and in the actual investigation, “In For Life” by writer Elaine Alice Murphy is a true crime thriller and reference reading. The vital importance of Sean’s case both for himself and for the author and for the direction our entire nation has gone in the last decade has made it such an influential read, and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to better understand how justice is a system and society for young black men in the United States to grasp Their own copy of this worthwhile book. Pre-order your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

About the writer

Elaine Alice Murphy holds degrees from Boston College of English Literature and Harvard University in Human Development. Her work in the Alice case earned her a senior judges scholarship from the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University.

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