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Protecting the environment and balancing the species needed for a healthy habitat covers many areas, to which I refer in a variety of ways, including original poetry and the articles mentioned earlier.

David Mehud – December 15, 2021

The back flap

In his latest book, Kings of a lonely kingdom, Author David C. Mahood shares his passion for nature conservation, biodiversity and the war on climate change, through ten years of Earth Day articles, original poetry and related feelings. Throughout the book he shares compelling examples of a world in need of more care in order to draw attention to the long-term negative consequences of climate change, and the loss of biodiversity. The plight of penguins and phachederms, whales and wolves, minks and kings, and the struggle for clean energy and environmental justice are issues intertwined with the kings of a lone kingdom. Mehud reflects on the origins and success of First Earth Day as well as its fiftieth anniversary status, which also contains excerpts from the 1972 Earth Day booklet, written by the author as a nine-year-old fourth-grader. The purpose of Earth Day is also expressed by the youth of today, from the ages of nine to thirty-two. Lonely Kingdom Kings is a combination of wit and concern and personal stories, a unique appeal to a healthy habitat for all species and all times.

Regarding the book

When did you start writing the book?

Because the book includes ten years of Earth Day essays, it really started in 2010. But the book was organized until the winter of 2017. Some of the original songs date back close to twenty years. I also refer to a booklet I wrote in 1972 so the book has been on my mind for most of my life.

How long did it take you to write this?

Yes, again, it started with the first essay of Earth Day in 2010, so it took a long time, but most of it was written from 2017 to 2020.

Where did you get the idea from?

I realized that after ten years of essays on the environment, their collection in a modern perspective was created into a fascinating chapter material. Protecting the environment and balancing the species needed for a healthy habitat covers many areas, to which I refer in a variety of ways, including original poetry and the articles mentioned earlier.

Were there parts of the book you struggled with?

His writing was for me a struggle because of my love for the language of poetry. Words become a challenge so sentences did not come easily all the way. I tend to want to hear the sound of a sentence, which is clearly not a path I would recommend. My father passed away while writing the book so I wanted to include his impact on my life and my passions, which clearly influenced the outcome of the book.

What comes easily?

The desire to write about species and the loss of biodiversity is deep inside me so the subject of the book did not leave me. Reflection on the various subjects came quite easily.

Are your characters completely fictional or did you ask them from people in the real world


Since this book is in the genre of study-nature and ecology, this question may not be relevant.

We all know how important it is for writers to read. Are there any authors that

Influence how you wrote and if so, how did they affect you?

There are too many writers who have influenced me too much to list them all. Some environmental writers particularly helpful to my work include Bill McKiban, Eu. Wilson, Paul Hawken, Michael Mann, Jane Goodall, Carl Safina, Elizabeth Colbert, to name a few. I’m in love with a book, The world of wonders, By Aimee Nezhukumatathil, like many others. All of these writers have such a grip on writing about the environment, which can be challenging.

Do you have a target reader?

The subjects of nature and ecology are quite broad and therefore the book is intended for the general public. Some of my readers have said that this book will help high school students learn about Earth Day or the history of the modern environmental movement. Anyone who is worried about climate change or the loss of biodiversity will benefit from most of the chapters in the book. This is a book based on science, but not densely populated, and the breadth of topics within the twelve chapters will appeal to the general reader.

Regarding writing

Do you have a writing process? If so can you please describe it?

I write when the fire is hot, so to speak, but yes I learned from my first book to keep writing regardless. If the thought is there but not the words, it is still important to write it down. The words will come. The plague has taken many of us off the schedules, making the deadlines a different kind of challenge and influencing us authors in bringing a book to market. I need more focus than many other writers so quiet is very critical to my success. Find a comfortable place to write and remove some of the everyday distractions. I often find that walking or exercising opens my head.

Do you describe? If so, are you doing this extensively or just chapter headings and a few more laws?

I do not describe but I rely on chapter headings and subheadings. I write a bit randomly so I can not say that descriptions will not help me. Being a good first reader has been very helpful to me.

Are you editing while or waiting for you to finish?

I learned my lesson on editing while writing. I do not endorse it, especially if you have a level of comfort with an editor, which I am lucky to have. I would not recommend anyone to edit material on the day it was written. We are too critical of our work and as a result we overdo it and get entangled. There is always time to edit before submissions. And I suggest that review and editing before submission is almost as important as putting them on paper for the first time. All this, some small edits are necessary during the writing process. If you do not see it right away, keep it up.

Have you hired a professional editor?

Yes, I worked with a professional editor for both of my books.

Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what causes the fingers to tap?

I only listen to music while re-reading or reviewing, not in the process of writing.

On publishing

Have you submitted your work to agents?

I worked with an agent for my first book, and it was not a productive experience. If you are not in a mutually beneficial relationship with an agent, then I would stay away. I was not looking for an agent for this book.

What made you decide to go indie, whether self-published or indie?

Once you learn the process, it’s easy and it puts the author in control, where I want to be. I love the Ingram program I chose, and most bookstores also appreciate it. It may not work for others but it’s perfect for me.

Was it a specific event or a gradual process?

A gradual process is painful. I do not want to work on someone else’s schedule again.

Did you do your book cover professionally or did you do it yourself?

I contacted a very talented book designer for both of my books. She did a lovely job on my latest book.

Do you have a marketing plan for a book or do you just wing it?

I have a marketing plan and I have a consistent marketing approach throughout Earth Day of 2022. There are a lot of very important tools for indie writers that we can leverage, which I do now. I have a social media presence with me Website, Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram.

Any advice you would like to give to other beginners considering becoming an indie Authors?

If you love writing, you are going to do it anyway so publish and share your passion and thoughts. It’s not as daunting as it seems. Just write to yourself and be proud of it. No one has ever written the perfect book but it may be the perfect book for you.

You must

Where did you grow up?

Western New York. A small college town called Genseo.

where do you live now?

We live in Beverly, Massachusetts.

What would you like readers to know about you?

I do not look like a writer.

What are you working on now?

Organizing my thirty years of poetry.

End of interview:

Mr. Mehud says that while the book is available from Amazon, he prefers that readers buy the book Through his website Or through Indibound.



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