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What is the story behind the story? What inspired you to write Ardania?

Watching b Princess Bride, A film based on the book by William Golden of the same name. This book became a movie in 1987, and the movie went on to become a cult favorite. It is a sweeping romance that takes place in the age of chivalry; And it is about a beautiful young lady named Buttercup and a young man who embarks on a journey of journey in her name. He experiences adventures during his journey that include sword games, torture chambers, a dwarf who can bring back the dead, an evil prince of course, and a haunted egg. The film is famous for its satire and disturbed sweetness, and is presented as a fairy tale told to a sick child by his grandfather. I’m happy to report Ardania Caught a lot of what Of the Princess Bride Magic and sweetness.

If you woke up in the world of Ardania, What’s the first thing you do?

I would ride to battle for Paris in the company of the Free Knights and cause a commotion among our enemy ranks.

What is your favorite genre to read? Is it the same as your favorite genre to write?

Literary fiction – Miss Jean Brody’s head and catches in the rye field, for example. But I really like writing in the genre of magical realism. It allows me to go wild with my imagination, but also to design a story that can be almost true and is endowed with three-dimensional characters that rise above the level of a stereotype – like Prince Charming Rick.

Which fictional world would you most like to visit?

Star Trek. It is a world of exploration based on a hopeful future for humanity. I would especially like to meet Spock – which is. He came to my campus at the University of Alaska in 1972 in a campaign for George McGovern for the presidency. Mr. Nimoy was very charismatic and serious.

What book did you expect to hate, but in the end you loved?

I had to read Went with the wind In high school, and I was not particularly reading at the time. Of course I loved the book, and it helped me recover. I feel Ardania, Which is a book written for young adults, will do for them what Went with the wind Did for me.

What is your favorite thing about writing? What is your least favorite thing about it?

A nail segment that makes me cry or laugh or both. However, I do not like to finish a book. It makes me feel like I’m parting with characters I’ve learned to love.

In what scene Ardania Was your favorite post?

The High Lady Scene: This scene shows the prince visiting one of the ladies who attended his masquerade. He should not test it with the glass shoe because it is clearly too high – so high that she feels self-conscious about it. Her best line is “I’m taller than a prince, and being taller than a prince is never a good thing.” I like this line, and I like how the prince reacted.

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy that you live by?

It’s always now.

What will be your next adventure or writing project?

Diamond Girl Unbound, About a modern Cinderella trying to put together a magical necklace that makes her irresistible to any man she meets.



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