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I never had to sleep with Colin McCoy.

Keeping You, a brand new novel in the small town by Lena Hendrix, is available now!

When I moved to my sister’s small town, I was looking for a fresh start – no more shallow relationships, no fucking fake friends, and certainly no charming and dirty musicians.

We had a fun and red night together and we agreed that the connection is a mistake, a one-time thing. But when my dreamy bakery place is right next to his bar, every day I have to see that chiseled jaw line and remember the feel of his amazing body on mine.

No. I’m starting over. I have rules. No more bad habits, definitely not falling in love. No matter how hard he tries, connecting with him again will prove that I am the flake that everyone expects me to be.

But here I am, stuck between the desire to make something out of my life and the desire to catch it and make another delicious mistake.



Two weeks after saluting with one finger to my former boss, I pulled my vintage matte black trail to the main street of Chikalu Falls, Montana. The ninety-minute drive left the apartments behind and meandered along beautiful mountain highways.
Chiqualo Falls were located at the base of the mountains and from the church in the corner, to the grocery store on the right, it always felt slower and a bit like a step back in time. Childhood memories from the summers that Joe and I spent with Grandma Nana and Pop came back to me.
A bubble of excited energy swirled in my chest. Almost every person I went through raised his hand in greeting, and whether he knew me or not, I waved back enthusiastically. I glanced over the wheel as I entered the city to see someone rolling a tall white paint on the city’s water tower.
Do they draw on a drawing of a cock?
I shook my head and laughed at this strange town – Joe always had great stories about it. I passed the bar and the city’s dance hall, the dirty pigeon, and partially slowed down my car. Wanting to look straight ahead myself, I still managed to sneak a side peek at the front door.
My palms felt sweaty on the steering wheel. Not so long ago, I spent the most amazing night and melted underwear in my life with the owner of the bar, Colin. My chest warmed up just thinking about it and a tingle stretched between my legs.
Connect it. You both knew it was just one hot night.
I crushed the thought, pressed harder on the gas and cruised forward, leaving behind all thoughts of his thick arms in Colin’s ropes pulling me close and scratching his bristles on the sensitive skin of my neck.
Four laps later, I entered the hidden access path of Joanna’s farm. The long, winding gravel path opens onto a stunning piece of land.
Off the road, the big house was an amazing white house with black shutters and a huge covered balcony. A small river cut through the landscape and next to it were several small cottages. I was not sure where Joe wanted me to stay, so I parked near the house and found her sitting on the porch waiting for me.
“Here’s my girl!” I called Joe. The excitement expanded in my chest from seeing my sister after so long. I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and a sense of relief.
She pulled me into a strong hug, “I missed you!” Joe and I would share an apartment, but now that she lives in Chiqualo Falls, it has felt like an eternity since we were together.
“Mmm,” she replied, squeezing me a little harder. “I just still do not believe you’re really here.”
“It did not take too long to rent my apartment on a sublease and I have to change the landscape.”
“Well,” she walked away from me to sweep with wide arm the impressive country land, “it’s definitely a change!”
We both laughed and held each other tightly.
It was fantastic to see Joe’s face so full of life and happiness. I removed the brief sense of jealousy. She deserves this life and it suited her.
“Feel free to stay as long as you need. Mr. Bailey is in cottage four, but everything else is open. I think the best view is from a second cottage.”
“This second cottage! Will you help me unload?”
Joe looked past me and saw my car almost exploding in seams with bags and luggage. She did not know it, but the trunk was full too.
“How can you have so much shit?”
“Well,” I replied, “a girl should look her best.” I winked at her and shrugged.
“Honestly, honey. If you’ve going to survive here, you need at least one pair of good work shoes.” She looked at my ankle boots and their sharp heels carefully, but then we started unloading.
It only took a few – okay, okay, a few – trips to Joanna and me to carry my clothes into the cottage, but we managed to get everything inside. After she helped me put a few things and stack the suitcases in the closet, we stood together in the dim kitchen. Joe wrapped her arm around my shoulders and squeezed as we both looked out the large window overlooking the riverbank.
“You did what so many people are afraid of,” she whispered in my ear. “You started over.”
My eyes blurred and a small, scratched lump formed in the back of my throat. I peeked my tongue into the roof of my mouth and neglected the tears.
I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. “Thanks, Joe.”
I was hoping with all my fiber that I could do it right this time.
* * *
After we cleaned up, Joanna and I decided to meet her fiancé, Lincoln, at The Pidge. A flutter danced in his stomach about the possibility of encountering Colin. He was Lincoln’s best friend and as hot as hell. I looked around to see if I would notice it. Encountering someone I had never slept with had never been a big deal before, but Colin just did something into me.
Since he was Lincoln’s best friend, Colin and I have been thrown together to help raise Joe’s donations. At the time she was hosting a fishing event for veterans and he insisted the bar take care of that. The food was spectacular, and his generosity did not go unnoticed. Neither did his thick arms, pink eyes, or that tight ass.
I had to think of something – everything else.
“Do you believe in this place?” Joe sat on a stool across the table.
“It’s pretty amazing,” I admitted. The walls are covered with old photographs of life in Chiqualo Falls mixed with posters of local bands. He had a real honky-tonk vibe but with upscale talent. The name may imply it was a dive, but my marketing-trained brain parts knew it was intentional. My eyes went through the stage and the dance floor, I was still secretly hoping to see Colin.
No. Remember the rules? No men. Especially men who make you tingle straight down to your toes.
“Well, don’t you two show painful eyes,” Lincoln’s deep, trembling voice made us look behind us. He wrapped both his arms around Joe and left a trail of kisses up her neck. She giggled and tried to walk away, but it was clear she loved her man’s attention.
“Hey, Link,” I said between sips of my gimlet from the vodka.
“I heard you moved away from your old job. Planning to stay a bit?”
“More like lighting my old life and dancing on the ashes. But yeah. You’re stuck with me now.”
We all laughed but heaviness dragged around my shoulders. I took another sip of my drink and added, “I still have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do about work. But this,” I finished my drink with a burning sip, “it’s a worry for another night. Who needs another?”
Joe picked up her pussy and Lincoln fell apart from her. “I got it, ladies. You just sit back and enjoy.”
Joanna’s gaze wandered over her fiancée’s muscular back as he approached the bar.
“Are you going to fuck him in the eyes all night, or what?” I provoked. A blush immediately rose to her cheeks.
“Stop.” She slammed her napkin over my arm, but not before I caught her cool another peek and drool on him.
As I followed her to the bar, my heart vibrated and my mouth dried. Colin McCoy stood behind the old wooden bar, filling glasses from the tap in the beer in beautiful shades from dark amber to gold.
“You know,” Joe added hopefully, “now that you’re in town again, maybe you and Colin can continue from where you left off.”
I tried to sound as indifferent as I could despite the warmth on my chest. “No. I think it was just a one-time thing.” On my drink, I glanced at it again.
fuck. This man is a walking orgasm.
“We agreed that it was better to be friends – especially with you and with Lincoln now back together. Your group of friends does not need us tangled and tangled matters. In addition, we were separated by ninety miles.” I shrugged and looked back at the dance floor and hoped to look confidently unaffected by his presence.
“Well not anymore. He’s right here.” Joe shrugged and winked. Since meeting Lincoln she has become a hopeless romantic.
I can not even deal with it – it’s too tempting and my life is a literal train accident right now.
As if my thoughts meandered through the crowded bar and patted his shoulder, his eyes darted up and locked on mine. The familiar passion bump blossomed in my chest, sinking lower into my stomach.
It really was a shame I swore meaningless sex – any sex for that matter – before I got to see Colin McCoy naked again.
Damn, the things I would do to you.
Colin’s eyes did not leave mine, but a smile lifted his lips and that twisted smile almost turned me off.

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About Lena
Lena Hendrix is ​​the author of steamy and contemporary romantic novels. Her love for romance began with her grandmother’s paperback and now Lena’s stories are full of heart, humor and plenty of strong alpha with marshmallows on the inside – she loves her hot coffee and her heroes more!

Lena lives in the Midwest with her husband, three children and two Australian Cattle Dogs. When she is not writing or devouring new novels, you can find her hiking, camping, fishing and sipping spicy margarita!

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