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Bill Kimberly, Psy.D, invites the reader on an extensive and unbiased journey within the death row in Ohio at Watch me dead: Last words from the line to death.

You will see how these prisoners think since Kimberly not only spends time interviewing them but also eating meals with them, and in some cases is the last person to talk to them before they are executed. From the moment they are placed on a suicide watch until the moment they are pronounced dead right in front of him, Kimberly Berlin will accompany you through the twisted and complex execution process in the state of Ohio.

Look at me dead Presents an unbiased look at the reality of those sentenced to death, in Ohio and across America. This book is much more than an argument about the death penalty. Instead, Kimberly reveals the hard truth of what it’s like to be sentenced to death, counting the days until your execution, as those who lived it told him.

Without physical or mental restraints, Kimberlin’s talks are trusted by many criminals at high and violent levels. He shares with the reader these unfiltered thoughts and sincerity of people staring at death. Their writings, their artwork and their words will put the reader in a room with these dangerous killers. Nothing is out of bounds and nothing will protect Kimberly from those hands that have taken countless lives, leaving Kimberlin itself asking, “Will this be my last journey to death row inmates?”

In this revised edition of Look at me dead, Bill Kimberly, takes the reader on a more intimate journey to the death penalty than ever before. This edition includes “Where Are They Now?” The section, updates the reader on which prisoners were facing execution, which prisoners are still counting their days, and who else asked Kimberly to see them dead.

Praise for WATCH Me Die:

Watch me die Bill Kimberly
Bill Kimberly, Psy.D

“Kimberlin’s first-hand attempt to enter the minds of those sentenced to death is unprecedented, he is a true expert in the field of psychology sentenced to death. “- Professor Michael Drain, moderator of “Unpopular Cultural Podcast”

“In ‘Watch Me Dead,’ the death row inmate and writer Bill Kimberlin takes us to life on the death row in Ohio, showing us in person some of the worst murderers sentenced to death, revealing what they finally had to say! Shiver.”Dan Zofansky, moderator of “True Murder” and author of Kill a trophy: The murder of the “women dancing”.



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