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LATEST BOOK NEWS — October 18, 2021 — Aestas Book Blog


Bookworm News:

  • Window Shopping by Tessa Bailey Now live !! – “Two weeks before Christmas and all over Manhattan, storefronts are adorned with red and green satin. I stand alone in front of the famous Vivant department store, when a lovely man named Aidan asks my opinion on the design. It’s a tragedy in Tinsel, I say, unable to lie. He asks for a good idea. More with a spark in his eyes. Did I know he owns the place? No. He put me in the place. Now I work for this man, trying to ignore the fact that he’s hot. But as her lucky girl with a difficult past, I know an opportunity when I see one – and I have to “I will hold my heart and soul in dressing his holiday windows. I will work without stopping. And when we lose the battle in temptation, I will try to remember that I am only shopping by the windows.”
  • Just one regret by Natasha Madison Now live !! – He: “My name came with big skates to fill.. At the head of my game, I had everything I wanted, or at least so I thought.. Not my home. ” | She: “I told my biggest client when I was twenty-two fulfilled my dreams… Over time, our working relationship changed, and we got closer, leaning on each other for support… He was my rock, my best friend .. “Everything changed, and I saw what was in front of me all the time … I just hope that when the dust settles, we will not regret it.”
  • Promise Me to Win by Leila Hagen Now live !! – “As a single divorced father, I live by three rules: 1. Make sure every day that my daughter, Paisley, knows she’s number one in my life. It doesn’t matter. What. 2. Keep in touch with my unfaithful ex-wife to a minimum. “That I keep Paisley for life. When I hire Lexi to take care of my daughter, I realize I need another rule: Do not chase after Paisley’s nanny. But even if I had that rule it would not matter. Because I’m already breaking it.”
  • Friend by Sharina Bowen Now live !! – “The hottest player on the Moo U hockey team hangs a bulletin on the bulletin board, and I’m hooked: Hire a friend for the holiday. For $ 25, I’ll be your Thanksgiving date. I’ll talk hockey with your dad. I’ll bring your mom flowers. I’ll be polite, and wear a shirt. Beautifully ironed … now everyone knows it’s a bad idea to introduce your old lover to your messy family. Our star defender in a ploy that none of us can easily relax. Because Weston’s family is even crazier than mine. He also needs a date for the most uncomfortable holiday engagement party ever held. There will be appetizers. There will be a fake PDA. “
  • Signed with a kiss by Erin Nichols Now live !! – “What should a girl do when dealing with a hurricane, crushing her celebrities and shutting down her shelter? Keep her damn feelings to herself. And her clothes on … Naomi Claire is just a little town girl who loves her quiet, simple life. Donovan Foster is an internet sensation Sexy, charming and savvy, who loves the spotlight. What do these opposites have in common? Only an irresistible chemistry that when stuck together in a storm becomes, well, impossible to resist. But the results of the storm give them something else in common – a rescue mission “Oh, and a kiss of the heat of the moment captured on camera by the local paparazzi. Not to mention a proposal for a reality show that documents them falling in love while rescuing animals from insane and dangerous situations …”
  • Well matched by Jen Deluca Now live !! – “The single mother, April Parker, has lived in Willow Creek for twelve years with a wall around her heart. Mitch Malone is known for being the lifeblood of any party, but mostly thanks to the attire he wears to the local Renaissance fair – a kilt (and not much more) that shows off his muscular form to perfection. While he agrees to help April, he too needs a favor: His at an upcoming family dinner, so he can avoid lectures on settlement and a “serious” career more than a high school coach and physical education teacher. “
  • Serendipity by Kristen Proby (Bayou Magic Series) Now live !! – “My vision is a gift and also a curse. It cost me the love of my life. We may have been young, but there are things that are not overcome. Like being the cause of the biggest tragedy in your friend’s life. It’s something I will never forget, and a reflection of who I am. ‘Xon’s back to town, with scars and a hero’s badge of honor, it’s time for me to be brave too. An evil villain who wants to make my sisters and me pay for his rejection is still following my family, and some ancient reporters said the six were the only ones who could defeat him. “We finish this magical number, which means I have to deal with the evil and the things that Jack makes me feel, in order to save my family and my city …”
  • Infamous Like Us by Krista and Becca Richie (Series like us: billionaires and bodyguards) Now live !! – “The 22-year-old Sullivan Meadows knew dating Acre & Banks would be complicated, but now that her relationship is public, it’s all exploded: @HeatherB: Can’t believe Sullivan Meadows is dating two men and they’re like together. Like OMG. I totally did not think the rumors were true. @YuiK: Anyone know what happened to Sullivan Meadows? News says something bad went down. Looks bad. @PaulieP: Why is there no report of what “allegedly” happened to that girl Meadows? I can not with Sullivan’s friends. They just put her in public to avoid cameras lmao @RiverT: Banks Morty and Accra Kitzvon are completely pounding. I do not set the rules @CarlaR: OMGOMGOMG Sullivan Meadows qualified for the Olympics! Says all the families will be at the Olympics to take care of Sullivan.I’m dead #HalesMeadowsCobalts @GeorgieO: Dude there’s no way she’s going to win a gold medal. This, she’s a mess. Messy does not get gold.
  • Shadow in Charcoal by Jennifer to Armentrott Now live !! – “Born wrapped in the primal veil, a maiden as fate would have it, Sarfna Miral’s future was never hers. Chosen before the birth to fulfill the desperate deal her father made to save his people, Sera must leave her life and offer herself for the beginning of death as his partner. Sera’s true fate is the best kept secret in all of Lesnia – she’s not the well-protected maiden but an assassin with one mission – one goal. “Her kingdom to death is slow in the hands of the rot. Serra always knew what she was. We will be chosen. A mate.
  • The House of Shadows by KA Lind (The Royal House Series) Now live !! – “Kerrigan organization, half human, half pie, joined the Dragon Association almost against everyone’s wishes. It takes a year of training with its dragon. First she must travel with the Dark Wig Prince, Fordham Olivier, back to his home in the House of Shadows. Nothing but slavery and death “He never waited for half a wig in their halls. But something was wrong with their evil world. A thousand-year-old spell was weakened. Cracks formed at the base. And Kerrigan could only be destruction or their salvation.”

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