author anthony avinaLluck (Qwyrk Tales #2) by Tim Rayborn Review

Lluck (Qwyrk Tales #2) by Tim Rayborn Review


I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are mine.

Qwyrk and Gili are back again, this time hoping to help a young boy named Luck with the ability to bend events to his will, who is hunted down by a number of people and beings in the book “Luck” by author Tim Rayburn, the second book in Qwyrk. A series of stories.

The summary

All Quirk wanted was a few winter days of rest and relaxation in the small town of Cantles in Yorkshire, but of course, everything went wrong right away. She would like to spend time with her young human friend, Gili, but Gili and her not-so-imaginative girlfriend Blip met an amazing boy named Luck, who seemed to be able to bend events in his favor.

Luck escapes from two large goblins with unnatural forces. On top of that, Qwyrk meets a mysterious and magical woman who is also looking for the child. And hiding in the dark, something else wants luck for himself, but why?

luck Is the second in a series of four novels about the comedic adventures of a mismatched group at the edge of ordinary reality in modern northern England, a world of shadows, nasty nightmares, wizard magic, extraordinary Native American wigs, superheroes, a lazy Komodo dragon, and more elves …

Even though they continue to be stupid.

The review

I was completely swept away by this amazing world again and could not be more excited. What always strikes me in this series and in the author is the perfect balance between fantasy-genre stories and dangerous adventures and humorous and witty character relationships that readers cannot get enough of. The rich mythology just seems to seep into the narrative so naturally that readers feel they know this world to which the author brought us all, even if it’s the first novel readers pick up from the series.

The balance and interactions of the character with each other were not only the heart of this novel, but the perfect way to breathe life into the LGBT theme and the characters background in this narrative. Gili’s background story and family life more in this narrative not only added to the witty back-and-forth conversations she has with Blip, but to the development of her character and role in this ever-growing magical world.


An unforgettable, entertaining and touching narrative, captivating as it is magical, the “luck” of the writer Tim Rayburn is a fantasy novel and pro-normal driven by a must-read LGBTQ. The immediate story so appealing to the reader, yet the hints and illuminating moments that hint at the growing behind-the-scenes conspiracy first examined in the first book in the series are the perfect consideration for fans of this growing series and leave readers eager. To Book 3 to be published by this incredibly talented writer. If you have not already done so, be sure to pick up your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

Lucky - Tim Rayburn

Tim Rayborn has released a new queer urban fantasy, continued to Qwyrk: luck. And there is a gift!

All Quirk wanted was a few winter days of rest and relaxation in the small town of Cantles in Yorkshire, but of course everything went wrong right away. She wants to spend time with her young human friend, Gili, but Gili and her not-so-imaginative friend have just met an unusual boy named Luck, who seems to be able to bend events in his favor.

Luck escapes from some horrible and disgusting goblins. On top of that, Qwyrk meets a mysterious and seductive woman, who is also looking for the child. And in the dark, something wants luck for itself, but why?

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Luck Meme

“I’ll die in a few seconds … or worse.”

Still, he kept running, plowing through snowy paths, stumbling more than once on wet stones covered with a thin sheet of slippery ice and powder. His breathing was furious, his heart was pounding, and he knew he was running out of time. He ran back to Main Street and made his way through the crowds of shoppers on holidays, trying to hide in their numbers.

“Blend in, shake them!” But he knew his pursuers were not interested in these people; They are just after him. He bent down another alley, hurried out of the other side, and almost collided with a locked gate.

“No!” He slammed the bars into his fists.

They were close; He could smell them, like bad fast food and garbage, with a hint of cheap cologne. But he tried to pull the lock, and he must have let go. He laughed and opened the gate. He hurried through, closed it behind him and locked it again.

“Have fun with it, handles!”

He turned and there they were: grotesque and bumpy goblin creatures with mottled gray skin, bulbous noses and large, pointed ears. They were mostly bald, except for a few black curls sliced ​​under the ears. Their growling smiles revealed crooked, white teeth. Beaded yellow eyes completed the awful composition.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” The great grumbled.

“It seems like a lost man in need of help to get where he is going,” the other replied.

“I’m not going with you, Ingots!” He shouted, defiantly. He raised his fists in front of him. They just laughed.

“Are you going to take us to a boxing match, little boy?” The great mockery. “It’s supposed to be fun. Maybe I’ll even let you take a hit or two before I squash your pretty face into the sidewalk!”

“Oh, I will not fight you, unfortunate troll like you! I’m just getting ready.”

“Ready for what, lamb?” The smaller one grinned.

“To it!” He threw his open hands forward in one jerky motion, and immediately they both fell on their backs, slipped on the ice and slammed their heads with stones. They groaned, but did not get back up. He stepped over them (well, on them really, just to emphasize; maybe even dug up the heels of his boots a bit) and made his way back to the crowds.

When he was on Main Street, he looked around and saw the town hall in the distance, with the crowds packed to celebrate the holiday festivities.

“All these people hanging around; you could lose them there. So get out of here and go south.”

He stopped, took a deep breath and ran again.

* * *

“I love a good festive celebration!” Announced Beep. Similar to a two-way frog with a bayonet mustache and a Victorian-style mutton beard, he walked along the sidewalk in Regency riding boots, swinging an ornate cane, occasionally accidentally hitting a passerby and causing an astonishing howl. A red wool scarf is tightly wrapped around his short neck and the frog completes the ensemble.

“I love it too! It’s so much more magnificent than the one in the Cantals,” said Gillie Fleet in a low voice. She looked down at him, quite grateful that a magical two-foot-tall creature who liked to explain nineteenth-century philosophy could not see or hear by anyone over the age of thirteen, give or take a little. Of course, there were many children around, some of them panting and staring; But most of them ignored it, being far more fascinated by the lights of Leeds’ Christmas market, the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate, the sounds of chants and stall vendors and the general joy of the season. Everything was like one of those displays in a department store window, but bigger, noisier and less loud.

“But we’ll have to keep an eye on time,” she continued. “I need to meet Mom and Dad at the train station in about an hour. They’ll be done with their silly real estate meeting and want to get home before it’s too dark.”

“Come on, come on, darling, there’s no need to be so reluctant, at least not in this case! It’s the holidays, and so is your birthday on the doorstep – twelve years! “Wonderfully before us, an ancient and fine tradition that I am glad to see kept alive. So, throw caution to the wind, and embrace the revelry!”

“Oh, that’s not it,” she whispered. “It’s simple, because most people can’t see you. I look like I’m talking to myself, like I’m a little angry.”

“Hmm, well, yeah, I guess that might make some people think you’re a suitable candidate to be accepted to differentiate, but again, it’s time to reverse the social order in a controlled way, you do not know? Fool’s Day! Bishop boy! Saturn stupidity! “Think you’re particularly weird and you’m done with it! And other kids can see me, so what does it matter?”

“Yeah, but they probably think you’re one of Daddy’s Christmas elves, anyway,” she said with a wicked smile.

“Do not mention this convict in my company!” Beep warned. “You know very well that the Father Christmas affair is a rock of controversy with me!”

“Are you going to tell me what happened between you two?” she asked.

“Gentleman does not do duel and tell, I’m afraid.”

“Fighting a duel with Daddy Christmas?”

Author Bio

Tim Rayburn

Tim Rayburn is an internationally acclaimed writer and musician. He plays on dozens of unusual instruments that many people have not heard of and often cannot articulate, including medieval instrument restorations and folk instruments from Northern Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. He has appeared on over forty recordings, and his wanderings and tours have taken him across the U.S., all over Europe, Canada and Australia, and to romantic places like Marrakesh, Istanbul, Renaissance castles, medieval churches and high school gymnasiums.

On the writing side of things, Tim has lived in England for almost seven years and has a PhD from the University of Leeds. He has written books and magazine articles on music, the arts, history and business. Today he lives among many books, ancient instruments for copying music (i.e. CDs), and musical instruments, and with a demanding cat. He is also quite passionate about good wines, single malt scotch and excellent food cooking.

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