dystopian romanceMasters' Mistress by Jamie Schulz

Masters’ Mistress by Jamie Schulz


The Mistress of the Masters, the first book in the Angel Eyes series, has been on my radar since I read the prequel, Jake’s Redemption. However, time has not allowed before. I had an interesting time visiting the world created by the author. I was expecting to return to it in Masters’ Misstress.

title: The mistress of the masters

Author (s): Jamie Schultz
series: Angel Eyes No. 1
Also in this series: Jake’s redemption
Posted by Jamie Schultz on January 28, 2020
Pages: 490
Genres: Dystopian romance
source: Kindle Unlimited
format: electronic book
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purchase: Amazon
rating: One starOne starOne starOne star
Series Rating: One starOne starOne starOne star
Heat level: One flameOne flame

From the award-winning author of Jake’s Redemption …

A man bound in chains. A woman laden with remorse. Will love release this tormented couple?

In this nightmarish future where women hold men, Brett Masters refuses to serve anyone. But after spending years dodging processors in the mountains of the northwest Pacific, he is furious when he is finally caught and sold. So, even though his mistress has a beautiful face and wonderfully seductive curves, he vows to escape. The angel Aldridge hides her pain behind sturdy, huge fences like her farm. And even though the slave she just acquired is an incredibly handsome cowboy, she does not intend to let her fantasies endanger the people she vowed to protect. But between her always-watching enemies and her wounded heart, she recoils from admitting that she may need him more than one way … While the two toil side by side, Brett is surprised to discover Angel’s vulnerability and compassionate nature. And the more time they spend together, the harder it is for her to resist her feelings and calm her lonely soul. But when stuck alone together, the barriers between mistress and slave may not be strong enough to withstand their fiery attraction. Can Brett and Angel overcome their fears to sow the seeds of continual love? The mistress of the masters is the first steaming. A book in the futuristic dystopian cowboy romance series “The Eyes of the Angel”. If you like complex characters, rude western settings and slowly burning passions, then you will love this fascinating story. Buy The Mistress’ Mistress, first book in the Angel Eyes series, to ride to a passionate future today! This book has an HFN ending and opens the door to book 2 of the series.
Please note: Intended for an adult audience. This story contains a disturbing and violent subject that sensitive readers may be bothered by. The reader’s discretion is recommended.

This book contains adult content and is not suitable for readers under the age of 17.

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The Angel Eyes series presents a post-apocalyptic world where women were ruthless slaves and men were their slaves. In this world, men are considered subhuman, but not all women agree with the atrocities inflicted on them. However, their reach did not have the power necessary to stop the inhuman treatment. In their meager attempt to effect change, they used their resources to create a private refuge. In this temple, men, despite their loss of freedom, can experience little independence. One such woman was Angel Aldridge.

Brett Masters spent most of his adult life trying to escape the clutches of slavery. Hides where possible to prevent capture by sadistic slave traders. He has succeeded so far until one unfortunate night in which he was caught. Suddenly, he finds himself in an endlessly agonizing situation on the horizon. Entering Angel, who has a favor for Brett’s best friend, Jake, purchased him to save him from further torture. Brett, on the other hand, refused to accept this as a benevolent act, despite the stellar treatment he had received since arriving at Angel’s farm.

Brett and Angel shared a controversial relationship saturated with revenge, mistrust, secrets and betrayal. I am still recovering from the severe case of whiplash who suffered from their acute and passionate interactions. They each had chips on their shoulders so huge they would require a hammer to stroke it. Their past blinds them and prevents them from seeing the opportunities that the present offers.

The pace of this story was quite slow, and for a 490-page book, it became tedious to go through at times. This is a book you need to be in the right mood for. The waiver at the end of the summary suggested it would be a steamy read. It did not comply with this waiver. The only enthusiastic scene may have been intense, but that in itself would not have classified it as a steamy read. Unless one counts the sexual tension, which required a sharp knife to cut through.

Do not enter into this story in anticipation of happiness and wealth or a happy state for the time being. The story ended with a large hangar cliff, which I am not a fan of. Despite my curiosity about what awaits Brett and Angel, I’m still not quite ready to pick up the next book. I need a break from all the anxiety that comes with their interactions.

I enjoyed returning to this unique world that the writer has created. Despite the problems with the rhythm and anxiety, the mistress of the masters was an interesting and exciting read.

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Overall: One starOne starOne starOne star

About Jamie Schultz

Jamie Schultz lives in the beautiful northwest of the Pacific with her family, her husband and their fur babies. Writing has always been a big part of her life, and she hopes to one day reach the bestseller lists. Cowboys, ice cream and reading almost every type of romance are among her (not so) secret loves. For her, each of her stories, dark as it may be, must have a happy ending, and she aspires not to let them go until you get there. She balances her free time between reading her favorite romance authors – in genres ranging from erotica and dark romance to sweet historical and contemporary romance – and spending time with her family. She enjoys hearing from her fans.

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