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Murder at the Castle by M. B. Shaw — BOOK BEGINNINGS


Book starts on Fridays

Well, after I ruined last week’s post, I have a game together this week! This time of year can devour my mind. Between holiday preparations and celebrations, office management tasks at the end of the year and regular work that needs to be done, I end up feeling like one of Santa’s elves trapped in Legally blond.

I need to finish my book club book before we meet for our last meeting in 2021 next week. Then I plan to get into Christmas week with this wonderful new holiday mystery, Murder in the castle.

How is your month going?

The beginning of my book

Iris Gray scanned the face of the crowd roaming around Aberdeen’s train station, searching for her driver.

Murder in the castle By MB Shaw, New from Pegasus books.

This is the second book in MB Shaw’s mystery series featuring a portrait painter and amateur Iris Gray. The first book, Murder in a mill, Found Iris solving a murder that happened in a charming cottage during a Christmas Eve party.

Murder in the castle Takes Iris north to Scottish Castle during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Baron Jock McKinnon invited Iris to paint a portrait of his fiancée, but the plans go awry when a dead body appears in the castle grounds.

The beginnings of your book

Please share the opening sentence (or something like that) from the book you are reading this week – or just a book you want to emphasize. If you share on social media, please use the hashtag #bookbeginnings. Leave the link to your book startup post in the link box below.

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Friday 56

Farewell In Farewell’s Voice hosts another teaser event on Fridays. Participants share a two-sentence teaser from page 56 of the book they are reading – or 56% of the way through the audiobook or e-book. Please visit Farda’s voice For details and leave a link to your post.

My 56th Friday

M Murder in the castle:

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” Iris explored, slowing her pace, catching the soft sensation of pine needles falling like a blanket under her feet, and the rich, resinous smell of the trees. The combination of the dark and towering trunks and the cold mists of mist swirling around them gave the whole place a distinct sense of Tolkien, a fantasy.

I can not wait to enter! But I’m such a completeist that I want to start with the first book in the series so I just ordered Murder in a mill Read first. It’s coming here next week, right after the book club. A perfect timing to enjoy it on Christmas Eve and it’s during the week between Christmas and the New Year – just like the plots of the two books! I hope without any wrong play!



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