AmyNo One Goes Alone, a review by Amy –...

No One Goes Alone, a review by Amy – The Book Review Crew


No one goes alone
Eric Larson
Random House Audiobook
8 hours

Disturbing, atmospheric and intriguing. Larson’s first foray into fiction is a hit!

Renowned for its award-winning theoretical story, No One Goes Alone proves that Larson’s talent is not limited to facts. His latest novel combines facts with fiction to create a ghost story and mystery with a strong Agatha Christie vibe.

During the 19th century, belief in spirits was widespread, even within the scientific community. In No One Goes Alone, a team of scientists set out for a remote island to spot the mysterious disappearances of a family. It is not long before the island comes to life with unexplained events. Scientists are torn between skepticism and belief, confusion and logic.

Larson skillfully defines the atmosphere, allowing the island to become another character in this novel. Its secluded and secluded nature surrounded by a stormy sea bordering rocky cliffs creates an ominous and menacing backdrop reminiscent of Christie’s Three There Were None.

Ghost stories are best told aloud. And it is only available in audio format. But you will not be disappointed! Julian Rind-Tot delivers excellent narration, emphasizing the ominous atmosphere and giving each character a distinct voice.

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