Discussion PostsNovember Wrap Up - Utopia State of Mind

November Wrap Up – Utopia State of Mind


November feels like a month that was just a constant tension. While this may not be true, I read less books than ever before and in fact I am 100% satisfied with it. This is actually the trend I need to move forward with especially when I think of 2022!

Books read – 22

But if I read 22 books, how were my stats? Well I read 50% queer books and 48% POC MC books. It’s pretty great. I am OVER THE MOON with my queer statistics and glad it will help my overall annual stats. I can not even imagine how much work it’s going to be to do my annual stats. Please do not remind me. I’m already scared of the favorites list and what not …

In terms of favorite books, they were everywhere! And three five-star readings in a row upstairs alone! In terms of YA books, I liked Family members, The phoenix must first be burned, Daughters of fate and rage, And The righteous. For adult books, I admired History of wild places, The second rebel, And So much for love. In terms of romance I admired Skirt And middle class: A Giant Girl and the Jade War.

Overall, even though I read less, I wish it was because I was in demand Not just because I was so busy. Especially in late November I ended up reading so little because I was so overwhelmed. When I think of taking it easy, it’s more of a choice than a necessity. do you know what I mean?


What was your favorite reading in November?

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