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Old School Office Management – Awful Library Books


The paper office
The tools to make your little psychotherapy practice work
Zuckerman and Gate

This book is one of those strangely specific titles. This is basically the beginning of the business side of setting up a psychotherapy office. They have acceptance forms for example, an outline of ethics / guidelines (most of which are dedicated to “Do not sleep with customers”), negligence (again, this is usually because you are not allowed to sleep with customers), billing (make sure to see the script for collecting unpaid fees), Hospital files, etc.

In 1991, it was probably decent information, even though it looked amateurish. However, I can not imagine such a book in 2021 without a discussion of issues of confidentiality, computers, HIPAA, insurance and dozens of other topics that have changed over the last 30 years. (I’ll say sleeping with your clients is still a bad idea.)

I also find it a strange choice for a small to medium-sized public library, even when it was a new publication. It could have worked for larger library systems and academic libraries. In 2021, it is not working anywhere. I have a feeling someone donated, and someone else thought it would be good to add it to the collection. It had to be weeded out by the year 2000 at the latest.


Back cover


Professional Liability

Collecting money

Sample correspondence

Income form



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