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Put the Fear of God Into Your Toys


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We have so many art books listed on this site. Holidays? Choose your favorite. Can’t decide which craft to try? We’re covering you here. Holly and I have favorite art books on this site: Appalachian dolls, tights and macrame, to name a few. Toys from the Old Testament may also join this esteemed list of crafts.

An issue of the Old Testament? Not my favorite subject to create, but I guess it might attract some people. The color scheme is ugly and the 2 photo pages are not even at the amateur level. But the crafts…

  • Noah and his family are puppets
  • Make some frogs and locusts (you know, because epidemics are cute!)
  • Moses tears the Red Sea. Notice the small arms and legs of the drowning people.
  • The best in the book: Joseph struggles to get out of the pit like a jumping toy.

I try to imagine if there is a book of creation of the New Testament that presents lepers, stoning and crucifixion.

Fun for the whole family!


Noah's Ark and others

Frogs and locusts

Rupture of the Red Sea

Leopard leopard

Joseph struggled to get out of the pit



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