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“Lizette Martinez’s story embodies the energy of fire that gives light and life to the survivors around! The survivors need to see strength and perseverance despite the resistance, and Lizette exemplifies just that.” Melissa Schumann, actress and singer

In January 1995, 17-year-old Lizette Martinez met Grammy-winning musician and record producer R. KELLY at the Aventura Mall in Florida, where he performed. At first it seemed that her hopes of becoming a professional singer were about to come true when he offered her to step up her career. However, this mentoring quickly became sexual cultivation, leading to years of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

After struggling to break free and rebuild herself, Liz’s new and successful life, away from the entertainment industry, was interrupted in 2017 by accusations against R.C. Kelly by other women. This led her to appear before the authorities with her own history of abuse by the music icon.

In January 2019, she participated with other survivors in a documentary series with Lifetime called “Surviving R. Kelly”. It was supposed to be a healing experience, but instead left them abandoned and fearful for their lives.

In August 2021, Kelly was arraigned in New York on a charge of extortion and sex trafficking and was found guilty on all charges.

In JANE DOE # 9 by Lizette Martinez and Killin McGregor, readers get an unlimited look at Martinez’s relationship with Kelly, her efforts to break free and pursue her dreams, and the courage to face her abuser and seek justice.

“Lizette was very brave and stubborn in her struggle to make sure that Mr. Kelly would be held accountable. I am proud to represent her.” Gloria Allard, Advocate for Women’s Rights and Candidate for National Women’s Hall of Fame

“In twenty-one years of reporting on R. Kelly who abused his wealth and fame to devour so many girls and young women – and their heroism in speech finally stopped the worst predator in the history of popular music – Lizette Martinez always seemed to me one of the strongest and bravest. I could not “Admire her more, and I’m really eager to read her story in her own words. She’s an inspiration.” Jim Drogatis, music critic, journalist and author of Soulless: The case against R. Kelly

From the book:

Staring through the thick glass window of the hotel, I imagine what it would be like to fall through it, to walk in the air away from the heartache, to disappear from all these troubles. Did my soul drift into the sky so I could look down once more at the lights reflected from Lake Michigan?

What about the unborn baby?

Hot tears well up in my eyes as I press my hand on the chilled glass, almost wishing she would give in and release me. I start walking around the little suite to distract myself. There is a lot of room to move. Rob can afford it all, provide it all, but he’s not here right now, when it’s so important.

Brown spreads along my leg and I glance at wet, dark jeans. shit. where is he? Falling to the floor, I look for the previously thrown Nokia when the phone in the room interferes with my search. I swirl, pulling him down beside me as the cramps double me again. Knees contracted below, my forehead resting on a soft rug.

“to rob?!”

Lizette Martinez

“Hello, this is the front desk calling. We have a message for R. Kelly.”

“Wait, he’s not even here. You do not mean the message M Are you Kelly? “

“not sorry…”

The second flying phone of the night. Messiah. I’m calling my best friend Michelle Block of a cell phone I finally found. Peeling off my wet pants, I drag myself to the shower to rinse my blood. Red spins down the drain in a sickening spiral.

“Go back to the hospital!” Michelle’s voice is frantic and loud in my ears. “Now! Lizette, you must listen to me.”

“He’s not here … can not take me …” My head is heavy. It’s hard to endure. “No one is here. You must not leave alone. Is … against the rules.” My best friend curses a storm, but it’s a distant drone. Everything runs together. Words and surroundings drip on each other like fresh paint in the rain. I can not separate anything. I have no idea what she’s saying. I do not remember what I did.

Another rise of pain pulls my knees tight to my chest, the phone is forgotten on the cold tiles. How many days is he gone? I do not remember. The doctor said cramps are normal. So this should be normal. There is nothing to worry about. It looks like a lot of blood to normal. but he Said the Doctor Said the baby would be fine, even with the unusual cramps, that I just needed a rest. See, Lizette? Just rest. This will help. This is what I whisper to myself as my vision becomes blurred and black creeps to the edges. rest. normal… I slip into the darkness.



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