NewsReading Rainbow Is Coming Back in 2022

Reading Rainbow Is Coming Back in 2022


Mark Your Diaries: The classic and much-loved children’s TV show Rainbow Rainbow returns in early 2022.

After more than 15 years out of broadcast, the show will return to broadcast waves like Rainbow reading live, And will feature a varied and revolving array of comedy band performers as hosts. The return was due to the epidemic and the way parents struggled to balance their needs and those of the children they are responsible for helping with homeschooling. Acting producer Steve Beer said Rainbow reading live Developed as a lifesaver in response.

“We know it was a severe epidemic for parents, caregivers, teachers. We wanted to make sure we had children engaged in books and we were going to use movement and music to attract children in learning,” Creative Director Amy Googleglimo Told CBS News. “And we really want kids to see themselves in the books we choose, and we’re going to use diverse creators, writers, illustrators, definitions.”

Rainbow reading Launched in 1983 and hosted by LeVar Burton. It was the most-watched PBS show in the classroom, and it won more than 250 awards, including Peabody, nine Parent Choice Awards and 26 Emmy Awards, before airing in 2006. The original 25-minute program format will remain. The same, gives young viewers the opportunity to learn through music, field trips and cultural experiences, as well as the diary.

Burton will not be part of the arches, the name given to the host team, but the arches will be varied. Guglielmo noted that the producers wanted to ensure that viewers would see themselves in the episodes. They are in the process of Ensuring a final team member.

“We think Rainbow, this fun and diverse cast, will allow kids to identify with these hosts, and it’s just a whole new experience and it’s really an experience,” she told CBS News.

In addition to watching the program, children will be able to have a virtual interactionh Reading a rainbow live With the platform In a loop.

“[A]Udience members will have the opportunity to engage, play games, and even get a chance to perform ‘on stage’ during each episode of Rainbow reading live. “Whether they ask questions of a cast, perform a dance routine, or are rewarded with a correct answer to a question, viewers will be motivated to participate, and parents will be happy to know that their children are entertained and intellectually aroused.” Live, episodes of Rainbow reading live Will become available for streaming.

The books that will be presented in the program will also be diverse and the choices will be made with the help of a diverse panel of librarians, educators, childhood literacy experts, parents and children. They plan to use lists created by experts from the American Library Association and We Need Diverse Books.

Take Burton and Rainbow reading Launched a mega-successful Kickstarter in 2016, with the goal of raising a million dollars to put the show into distressed classes. Kickstarter has raised over $ 5,000,000, and has helped more than 10,000 classes across the country, alongside digital access for even more kids.

Although Burton is not part of the arches, his legacy is with Rainbow reading Continues in the upcoming documentary Butterfly in the sky and he Hosts his own book club For older readers through Fable.

Read more about the ongoing impact of Rainbow reading:



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