“Is it always like that?”
“Like what?”
“As necessary as air.”

We do love an older brother’s best friend romance, throw in a small town, firefighters, adorable children, steaming chemistry, and we’re on a winner. As was the case with Reason to Believe, book one (there is two prequel novellas Point of Origin # 0.5 and Ignite # 0.75) in the Legacy Series, which we devoured with gusto! Although we had not read the two prequel novellas, it did not impact our enjoyment of Knox and Harper’s story at all as Rebecca Yarros did a stellar job of acquainting us with the characters of the Colorado town of Legacy.

“You make zero sense, Knoxville. If you want someone, if you love someone, you do not let them walk away. You fight for it. You fight for them. ”

Harper Anders has loved Knox Daniels since she was a girl – after giving her the kiss of a lifetime on prom night, Harper has not been able to maintain relationships with memories and feelings of Knox consuming her. Being Harper’s older brother, Ryker’s best friend, Harper is a no-go for Knox! Years earlier Ryker listed Harper as the one woman who was off-limits to Knox. Yeah, yeah, tell it to the heart!

‘Wanting her was an indescribable mix of pain and pleasure I’d lived with so long it had become a part of my marrow.’

Harper and Knox are forced together when two adorable little children five-year-old Liam, and baby James are left alone followed by the sudden loss of their mother. Harper and Knox step in to foster the young children and through a series of events, end up in a marriage of convenience to keep the children.

Rebecca Yarros told a cracking story! She melted our hearts with little Liam and Jamie – the interaction with Knox in particular with these two completely stole our hearts! When this guy steps up, he really steps up! Our hearts were beating at a fever pitch as the author led us into the midst of danger with the Legacy Firefighter crew! Talk about suspense! The chemistry and longing between Knox and Harper were intense and emotional. This was a friendship and love that had history, pain, and longing. It had it all!

“I can not promise you that I’ll always be here when you need me, but I promise that no matter where I am, I’ll be yours.”

This author always manages to pull at our heartstrings and never fails to fully invest us in her characters – they always take a piece of our hearts with them. There was suspense, danger, passion, love, romance, emotion, loss, love, brotherhood, frustration, and angst – and don’t get us started on how perfectly the children were written! We devoured every morsel!

‘I was head-over-heels in love with that arrogant ass and had been since I was old enough to name the emotion.’

A fabulous read, and a series we’ll be 1clicking for as long as Rebecca Yarros wants to tell the second-generation Legacy Firefighter’s stories! A fraternity of firefighters determined to carry on their father’s legacies, drawn together by a bond of loss, love, and loyalty, and the women who own their hearts.



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